Becoming a Bartender

Becoming a bartender is the in thing in this time and age. This profession has seen its rise in the recent years and many are already joining the bandwagon of becoming a famous bartender.

A bartender is one of the most in demand profession of this generation. We have seen an increase in the demand of this high paying profession.

This is also a way to earn extra income. If you are interested in becoming a bartender here are some tips on how to become one.

Choose the Best School

By becoming bartender you will be required to take classes and courses in bartending. There are several schools that offer this course but which of them offers the best. The web is another way to learn bartending. There are several instructional bar tending audio and video instructional guide to follow. It is highly suggested though to attend regular classes since you will be motivated to learn more together with your classmates. Inquire from different schools about their rates and the different types of courses they offer in bartending. Choose from among them which suits your budget and which of them suits your needs.

Qualifications of Becoming a Bartender

If you think you can just start a career in this business then you are mistaken. There are age requirements to follow depending on the state which you are in. Some state requires you to be 18 years old but there are also state that requires you to be at least 21 years old. You also need to have certain personal qualities to become a successful bartender: sense of humor, stamina, patience, good manners and honesty. Good moral character is also a must but other than the stated there are not much requirements to be followed.

Customer Service Industry

Bartending is one kind of service oriented industry. Good customer service must be achieved in order to succeed in this kind of profession. Learn the basics in good customer service: customer is always right, learn the ability to interact with your customers, do not be rude, always have a ready smile, etc. Remember clients will most likely remember you not just for you skills but how you treat each

Practice Makes Perfect

As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. It is not enough that you get certified you need to practice to perfect your craft. In doing so you will be able to master the techniques taught in school. You can also add twist in the basic bartending techniques taught in school. You have to make innovations in your techniques so that there will always something new to offer to your clients. Innovation is the name of the game in this industry.


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