Buy a Tan Company Franchise

Tan Company is a beautifying company that caters the tanning services for its customers.

It accepts interested franchisees that can meet all of the qualifications and requirements expected from them.

In February 1994, the Tan Company started serving its customers in their average-sized salons. It is popularly known as St. Louis Tan Company.

The business is good for its founders, and so within the same year, Tan Company was already able to operate in a larger salon. This business specifically provides tanning services for its customers. Many people are having their skins tanned because of many different reasons. Health-wise, tanning provides the skin further protection from other skin diseases such as psoriasis. But it should be as advised by a medical expert. Some go for tanning because they feel that having a slightly darker skin is more beautiful than their usual white to fair skin complexion. And for some social groups, they believe tanning is a way for them to be popular, sexy, and unique. Having that mindset towards tanning provides them a higher level of self-confidence. But there are issues regarding tanning, that it may cause skin cancer or any skin related diseases. This can be dealt with as both a fact and a myth. It is a fact because overexposure from intense natural and artificial heat may cause great damage of the skin cells, removing its natural protection from UV rays. It may be a myth because heat is still needed by our skin to produce enough melanin that can create a healthier color for the skin. It is basically an issue of having too much of something. It would certainly be dangerous for you if you have it in extreme temperature. In Tan Company, you will be sure that the people handling your skin are experts and they will not damage your skin in any way.

If this business interests you, you can always apply on buying a Tan Company franchise. Since 2001, Tan Company has been accepting franchisees who can spread and continue its legacy of greatness in the tanning industry. You may start your application by letting known your interest in becoming a franchisee by sending an email or giving a phone call to the company They will provide you with the needed franchise information so that you will know what you have to do in order to become a certified Tan Company franchisee. You must also have a feel of how the business is operated thru testing their services yourself. That way, you can be sure if this business is what you really want.

And if you really want to pursue this business, you must be ready to invest at least $318,250 or up to a maximum amount of $667,950. Your investment will be allocated in many other expenses within this business. Once you have agreed in all of the company’s terms and conditions, you will be asked to sign it to finalize the deal. You will then be asked to pay the company $30,000 for the franchising fee. Another responsibility is the on-going royalty fee. It is the company’s share from your earnings because they have significantly attributed its name, reputation, products, and services trademarks for the promotion of your own unit. The company’s charge for the on-going royalty is 6% of your total sales periodically. The contract that you have signed will last you up to 10 years. It may be renewed once the term expires.


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