How to Start a Baskin-Robbins USA Co. Franchise

One of the best ways to start a business is through franchise investment in Baskin-Robbins USA Co. Based in North America; the company specializes in ice cream and frozen sweets. To date, the company is planning to expand its business franchise in the US by more than 60 stores opening in strategic places across the continent.

For two consecutive years, Baskin-Ribbons have earned the love of the people by being the number one ice cream and frozen dessert franchise honor from the Entrepreneur Magazine.

Baskin-Robbins started making frozen desserts since the 30’s. A brothers-tandem decided to go beyond traditional ice cream making. After the Second World War, they united together to form “Baskin-Robbins USA Co.” and started mixing fruit flavors into the now most popular comfort food in America.

To date, there are 31 ice creams flavors available, not to mention sherbet, cakes, refreshments, and frozen yogurts. The company has also been operational in over 50 countries, acquiring other companies such as Togos and Bunkin’ Donuts and Togo's.

In 2008, the company has grown from a small-town ice cream parlor into one of the biggest chains of franchise stores in the world. More than 600 stores are now operating globally, and 2,700 in the US; there is no sign of slowing down for the company.

Those interested in investing money into a business, Baskin-Ribbons Franchise is the best way to go around. With a capital outlay of $145,700-$527,800 (including $30, 000 initial franchise fee), a dedicated businessman can have this outlet going in no time.

The advertising cost will be no problem upon signing contract with the company since the name itself says it all. Americans and other nationalities alike love this favorite neighborhood ice cream shop. The company is also undergoing a massive growth campaign making promotional tours part of the business strategy.

The company is also conducting a design simplification to make the shop more convenient to the people. This means that they are now setting-up shops inside malls, airports, and other strategic locations.

Training and seminars for your staff will also be handled by the mother company. You can also acquire management training for you to be able to expand and self-sustaining.

The company will also take care of distribution of goods so you will never have to worry about the rapid decrease in stocks. Records showed that Baskin-Robbins has been in good tracks in making its target income for the year. It has a consistent standing in tracking sales and ordering new raw materials.


  • Hussein Loomat said on April 11, 2011
    IS baskin Robbins willing to start franchise opportunities in South Africa. How much would it cost to start such business in new territories. I think that this franchise can have huge potential in South Africa.
  • Kassim Dewji said on March 23, 2012
    is baskin Robbins willing to start a franchise in Dar-es-salaam, Tanzania. How much would it cost to start? What is the minimum requirements of the outlet? As I am interested in going into this business.
  • fatima paruk said on April 30, 2012
    durban south africa want to buy franchise for baskin robbins ice cream where can i buy franchise please let me know
  • Fatima said on May 14, 2013
    Hi. I wanted to know more about the franchise. Plz can u email me info about it
  • Fanie GrovĂ© said on June 24, 2013
    Nelspruit, Mpumalanga, South Africa. Can i have more info on Baskin Robbins franchise
  • Poonam said on June 25, 2013
    Want to start franchise for baskin ribbons cake at mumbai - dombivili. Please mail me info
  • Mohamed Salim said on December 8, 2013
    I want to know what is the requirement to open a franchise in dar es salaam ?
  • Hassan said on August 23, 2014
    I need info on pricing and setup of franchise in south africa
  • Raadia said on August 10, 2015
    Please can send me info and costs to setup a Baskin and Robins Franchise in SA.


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