Having Your Own Hardee's Franchise

If you want to have a franchise in one of the largest and most experiences restaurant team in the US, then Hardee's is the place to go. Present in every state and has over 3, 200 restaurant chains from east coast to west coast, Hardee's can provide you with what you need in the quick-services restaurant market.

Know for its popular line of 100 percent Angus beef Thichburgers, Hardee's has discovered the key for growth and success all over the United States.

The company has three top contending restaurant names under its belt. One of which is Carl’s Jr. Restaurant, which is the favourite among consumers in California region.

Why is it healthy to invest in Hardee’s? The company, to date, are having an expansion plan of more than 1000 new restaurants in the world, making it one of the best opportunities for a well-driven businessman.

Finance Requirements

The company is now looking for people and business minded persons to explore the possibilities of having your very own Hardee’s food chain. The company only requires people to have the skills to handle staff and finances to run the company. Having your every own franchise can cost you from around $770,000 - $1.1 million. This already includes the initial franchising fee of $25,000.


The company will sign you up for a 20 year deal making it a long-time commitment for you and your business plans. If the contract expires, renewal will also be available for you depending on the performance of your outlet. You need to have the required industry experience, and general business outlook to run the restaurant.

Application Procedure

Interested applicants can browse to the company website for application forms. Send the application to the company address and wait for them to contact you, which usually takes two-three weeks. This is mainly because you will be subjected to financial capacity review by the board of Hardee’s. So it is also advisable for you to organise your assets in order for you to have a quick and thorough review.

Since 1961, the company has been training and maintaining professional and polite line of staff. This is due to the company training being provided to their first-time restaurant owners. Training will be provided by the company depending on where the restaurant is located. The training includes 8 weeks of managerial training. In 1962, when the company began expanding, they saw the need to have a productive outline of workforce in order for them to compete in the fast-food restaurant business. Because of this, the company now has been one of the top restaurant chains in the world and are still planning to expand in the Mid West, North East, North West, South, South East.


  • Tavarchie Harding said on March 7, 2012
    I am interested in owning my own hardees. But I have some questions. I am in rual Mississippi. There are none in this area. Call me at (601)597-5769
  • aryan jalhotra said on July 26, 2012
    sir m interested in opening hardee's franchise.. m fron harayana, yamuna nagar.. there is no franchise in the city of yamuna nagar..i have a plot in d main market of yamuna naar . sir please look after it.. hope fr best results.. aryan jalhotra mod no. 8901010114
  • Joe Grundy said on March 19, 2015
    Little chute Wisconsin usa.
  • Joe Grundy said on March 19, 2015
    This is how you can contact me. 920 462 7056. We had a Hardees at one time and the store did super owner just had enough and closed it. I would like to open it. It was an awesome Hardees I was a supervisor I also have managed domino and a papa John's. Love to own and operate a Hardees.


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