Becoming a Cold Stone Creamery Franchisee

If you’re a businessman who has a heart for ice cream, then Cold Stone Creamery may be the best business venture for you. This amazingly unique concept has fast become one of the fastest-growing businesses in the US, which can be contributed to its world-class quality. Cold Stone Creamery is good for people who want to have stability and growth in this kind of industry.

It is really where “Fun gets Serious.”.

What One Requires to Become a Cold Stone Creamery Franchisee

Of course, the company requires each of its franchisees to be ice cream lovers. The company also requires its potential franchisee to have the heart to spread the amazing concept of Cold Stone Franchise. An applicant should also be able to commit some 10 years to the business as stated in the contract, this is renewable if you wish to continue running a franchise. The company will also require you to pay an ongoing royalty fee of six percent of your total annual gross.

Franchisee Qualification Requirements

To qualify as a franchisee, Cold Stone Creamery said that potential business partners should have a cash liquidity of $125,000. The company does not allow absentee ownership so franchisees should have time to handle the business personally. Cold Stone is also looking to further expand the ice cream business and now looking for interested franchisees in the US and other parts of the world. However, territorial exclusivities are being implemented by its regional offices, meaning that transactions will have to pass though sub-offices.

How Much it Costs to Start a Cold Stone Creamery Franchise

The total investment in one Cold Stone Creamery Franchise will range from $292,000 to $438,900. This does not include the $42,000 franchising fee.

What will be the Return to Your Investment

Opportunity in a Cold Stone franchise is simply never-ending, particularly now that people are looking to a more healthy options in the food that their eating. As the fastest-growing super-premium ice cream concept in the country, a Cold Stone Creamery franchisee is always sure of good return of investment.

Support and Training Provided by Cold Stone Creamery

Training and support for all qualified franchisees will be available at company headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona for around 11 days. Separate 3-day training will be held at the actual store vicinity to help staffs and owner to familiarize them in the operation of the store.

Advertising Support

The business structure of the Cold Stone, not to mention it very good track record of growth and stability over the last few years makes it very lucrative business. The name itself serves as a form of advertising making the business very likely to sell instantly.

Other forms of advertising include Toll-free hotline, Internet and Security procedures, Meeting, Newsletter, Field operations and evaluations. In terms of marketing, the company offers Co-op advertising, Ad slicks, National media, Regional advertising.


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