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The Dairy Queen is an internationally recognized catering organization and the best business franchisee you could start with. There are a lot of people who have opened up franchisee and by the way it does work.

Dairy Queen with its massive and impressive logo DQ is a wholly owned subsidiary organization.

It was founded a century ago on August 14 1938 in Chicago. John Fremont is its founder and its headquarters in Edina, Minnesota, USA. It specializes in the fast food industry and its product range includes ice-creams, hamburgers, hot dogs and chicken.

Just like the company’s irresistible treats, lip smacking dishes and fantastic beverages it also offers franchisee which is a good opportunity for a likeminded people. There are two concepts that are available for franchising which include the DQ Orange Julius which includes serving of cool fruit drinks and other fruit smoothies and the DQ Grill and Chill restaurant which specializes in offering a menu of sandwiches, salads and not to forget mouth watering burgers and also DQ frozen treats.

If you have the experience and the financial resources to meet the demands set by the company you can start your own enterprise, employ people and then enjoy the profits that come your way. It is a great idea to start with if you are from the catering field and posses the knowledge to start your own franchise business.

Get help from the internet. The initial investment can come up to $655,000 - $1,300,000. You may have to pay the company an agreement fee and a 5% of the total income as a royalty fee. At present the company is actively searching for franchisee restaurants to expand into the interiors of America and Canada. If you are based in international countries you may have to take up multiple licenses, as a single license cannot be granted in a foreign country. This will turn out to be expensive and worth it if you have a string of locations which you can incorporate in to the Dairy Queen brand. You will also need about 20-40 employees per branch to run the machines and serve customers. The company also allows absent owners so you can lease out the restaurant to a manager as you run the business or have a day job.

Starting a business like Dairy Queen is not child’s play. You should find the correct location to explore this type of business. There may be a lot of competition and you will need to talk to a legal advisor to clear all the legal procedures. Take an accountant into confidence. You should maintain all your transactions properly. Take the advice of other franchisees; it may help you in the long run.

You can start all by yourself if you have the required confidence or you can start the business of Dairy Queen with the help of a partner. Take someone you trust as your partner. You can share your financial burden also. Profits won’t pour in as soon as you start. It may take some time but be patient. Success will surely be yours.

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  • zakir hossain said on February 13, 2013
    I am well experience business man wants to open and run a dairy queen business in canada


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