Mister Sparky Franchise Information

Mister Sparky is a business that provides electrical services to its clients. This company is not affected greatly by recession that is why clients are still coming in regularly for them.

And so they are accepting franchisees to attend to their other clients in other locations.

Mister Sparky is known to be America’s On-Time Electrician. Why is that so? Mister Sparky is called in such a way because it provides 24-hour high quality electrical service.

Specifically, they offer installation, repair, and maintenance of new and used electrical equipment. The parts and tools that they use on installing and repairing equipment are of heavy-duty and durable quality. They assure their clients that all of the clients’ equipment and appliances will be handled with extra care and respect. Among the equipment and appliances that they specialize on handling are the following: smoke detectors, lighting fixtures, power generators, surge protectors, ceiling fans, and different electrical wires. Given their track record, they really live up to their promise by saying “We’re On Time, You’ll See, Or The Repair Is Free!” They are certainly guaranteeing their clients 100% customer satisfaction. And one more way that they see to it that their clients will come back for more of their quality services by ensuring that all of their technicians have undergone background checks, drug testing, and professional training. As the population of their clients grows day by day, they have decided to open up for franchising in 2006. That is why they have provided the interested people with Mister Sparky Franchise Information.

Mister Sparky is searching for franchisees nationwide. And for a franchisee to be able to start up in this kind of business, he must be able to have enough funds. The total investment cost of starting up this kind of business is at least $24,420 up to a maximum amount of $490,740. Included in the responsibility of a franchisee is to be able to accomplish all of the responsibilities tasked on them. If you are an interested franchisee applicant, you must first analyze the terms and conditions of Mister Sparky in starting up a business under their name. Once you are able to agree with all of the stated points in the contract, you would have to sign it with the company. And that would be the start of fulfilling all of those responsibilities as a franchisee.

And so to begin with, you are obliged to pay the company the amount of $6,750 up to $119,000 for their franchising fee. The franchising fee is asked from you and other franchisees in exchange of giving the rights, name, and recognition that the company was able to earn over their time of operating. Another thing that is expected from you as a franchisee is to pay 5% of your total sales regularly as their on-going royalty fee. The duration and schedule of your payment will be indicated in the contract as well. The on-going royalty fee will be asked from you as long as you are bonded in a contract with the company. And once your contract with the company expires, it may not be renewed again.

This business may not be run from home because of the equipment and tools that you would be needing and using to operate. Also, your location must be in a place where you can gather more clients, such as in a commercial place. That way, you would be visible and accessible to many prospective clients. And for you to start operating, you must have at least three employees to work for you. You must ensure that your employees are trained well for the job. But if they are lacking some skills, you and your employees will be sent by the company for more trainings under their expert trainers.


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