How to Prepare Soil for Planting

Testing soil for plantation is one of the first steps when you intend to grow anything be it flowers, vegetables or other trees. You need to be aware of how to prepare soil for planting.

A good soil preparation in the long run will give you good results. But this takes some time, so you need to start preparing the soil beforehand.

Most of the people commit the mistake of simply putting the plant in the soil and assume that it will grow and blossom. But this happens only in exceptional cases where the soil is basically good. So the basic idea to grow any tree is to first know the quality of the soil. You should test the soil for its properties.

Preparing the Soil

You have to prepare the soil in almost each case-whether you are planting flowers, trees, vegetables. It is essential for you to know the type of soil whether it is nutrient poor sand, heavy clay, or something in between. You should also know the best way to amend the soil including how to use inorganic and organic fertilisers. Soils need to be amended with stand to make them looser and drier or you can add clay to make them moist and firmer. Add organic matter to the soil to make it fertile- old leaves, ground up twigs, rotted livestock manure, this will help to improve texture and structure. Organic matter is able to nourish the soil which helps to encourage the plant to grow.

Testing the Soil

The first step is to test the soil yourself or get it tested by the gardener, this will help you to know the type of soil quality. Only then add fertilisers to the soil. Soil test will help you to know nutrient levels in your soil and also note the ph level and organic content. If the ph level of the soil is low, then it is better to add lime to your soil. In case it is high then add sulphur or peat moss to decrease the level. The aim should be a balanced ph level.

You also have to test the drainage of your soil. In order to do this, just dig a hole in the soil and fill some water and watch how quickly the water disappears. This simple but effective test will determine how well the soil is whether it is dry or soggy. If the soil lacks in nitrogen then add blood meal to the soil. If there is lack of phosphorus then add bone meal to the soil. Add kelp meal if the soil is deficient in potassium.

Loosen the soil, this will help to give it proper aeration. Use motorised tillers for the purpose. Try to kill weeds and diseases in the soil, so spread some black weed paper or old bed sheet over the area. This should be done prior to planting.


  • prem said on November 19, 2011
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    Dear sir, I setup a poly house in Hoshiarpur, Punjab and start cultivation of capsicum in sept 2012. But result is not good. More than 40% plants are dead and other are not growing properly. Can you help me ? If yes contact me mobile no. 991457761
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