Planting Gardenias for Business

Planting gardenias for business is said to be one of the most lucrative business. But this business requires a proper understanding and information of the gardenias.

When you intend to start, you should be aware of the requirements of the gardenias plant, it requires enough water, well drained soil, grows up to a height of about 15 feet.

Growing gardenias for business needs full knowledge about it- the type of soil, fertilisers and the season in which they can grow. Gardenia grows well in fertile and well drained soil. It will require soil ph ranging from 5.5 to 6.0. It grows well in full to partial sunlight. The water needed may vary from average to heavy water. The best thing is that gardenias can be planted at any time after the frost is over.

Requirements of Gardenias

When you are about to plant gardenias, dig the hole wide enough than the container of the gardenias. Make sure that the soil is amended with peat moss. Gently remove the gardenias from the container and try loosening the roots by hand. Then with light hands, place the plant in the soil and then cover the plant with more soil. Gently put some water in the soil to make the soil compressed enough. You have to keep mixing soil until the gardenias becomes firmly rooted in the ground. Continue watering the plant for three to four days continuously. You have to put garden fertilisers as well in the newly planted gardenias. They need to be fertilised every two months. At the time of harvesting, you can cut the gardenias flower through with the help of a sharp cutting knife.

Business with Gardenias

Gardenias take quite a lot of time in giving flowers if you intend to grow them indoors as they require more light and air. Inside the house, the air is too light and dry and even water and fertiliser being poured tends to be uneven so they take time in blooming. So the flower bud might abort in the absence of effective sunlight. The leaves may also turn yellow and drop. So when you intend to start the gardenias business simply remember to have enough of open space where the plant may grow well. It should have effective air and water also. Gardenias business is one of the most profitable and interesting business if it is being done in accordance with the requirement of the plant. If you don’t have enough open space and intend to do a business from a closed space then having room humidifier might help you. You can also keep the plant on a water filled pebbled tray.

Day time ideal temperatures are 65-70 degrees and the night time temperatures are 10 degree less. It should get adequate amount of water but not remember not to make the soil cloggy. Gardenias reach a height of around 15 feet and may live up to 65 years. They mostly grow through seeds. Propagation is one of the best methods for the gardenias.

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