How to Grow Iris Flowers for Business

Have you ever thought of entering the flower business but you are still undecided what flower to focus on to get started?

Growing iris flowers may be your ticket to venturing into this industry since they are easy to grow and are low maintenance. Here are some tips on starting your own iris garden.

Converting your backyard into small garden plots to grow iris flowers can be a good way to start making money whether on a part-time or full-time basis. They are pretty easy to grow so even if you are a newbie at gardening but have a passion for it, you can turn your backyard into an income-generating piece of property.

Iris got its name from the Greek word for rainbow because its flowers come in a variety of colors. Irises are popular garden plants since it has a wide variety that can thrive in almost every climate and season. The basic types are the bulbous, rhizome, bearded and beardless. The rhizome and bearded irises are the most popular and easiest to grow. Depending on the variety, irises bloom between the months of February and May.

Irises are both grown from seed and root separation. Its roots, also called rhizomes, look like long, thin potatoes that have roots underneath.

Here are some tips to help you grow iris flower successfully:

Selecting the perfect spot. Irises love the sun but can also tolerate partial shade so make sure the area you choose for your iris garden provides the sunlight they need. A site that will give your plants six hours of sun a day at the least will be a perfect one.

Irises are not too particular about soil but require a well draining one since they are prone to root rot. If your garden has clay soil, you can plant them in raised beds or rows for better drainage. You may also use compost or natural types of fertilizers like horse, cow or chicken manure.

Select a place that will give your iris plants plenty of room to grow and spread since they will spread quickly through the root system.

Planting the rhizomes. Use a bone meal-based fertilizer and other low nitrogen fertilizer a few weeks before planting the rhizomes. They can help the roots to develop faster and grow a healthy plant.

When planting the iris, the hole you will dig should be just deep enough to hold the rhizome. If you plant it too deeply or leave air pockets in the soil, it may rot. Space them apart by about a foot or so to give them room to grow. When they become crowded and they get bigger, you can divide the rhizomes (usually every three years).

Watering your plants. After planting, water them three or four times per week or just enough to retain the soil’s consistent moisture but not wet. Make it twice per week after growth begins to allow the soil to dry slightly in between watering schedules. Then reduce it to once a week during winter or on weeks without rainfall.

Caring for your plants. Mulching is very important to keep out the weeds. Dust them with diatomaceous earth if you encounter pest problem. Clip off any spent and withered flowers to allow your iris plant to bloom several times.

A US Department of Agriculture horticulturist recently stated that the production of flowers is the fastest growing sector in agriculture today. A key to your success is to study iris flowers diligently and become a skillful gardener. There are great materials in books, gardening magazines and online sites to teach you the best source for bulbs or rhizomes, planting and growing techniques, as well as marketing strategies.

Marketing Your Iris Flowers

First and foremost, you must produce quality flowers. It is difficult to impress buyers if you have sub-par products. Remember that to produce quality flowers, you must ensure you have good soil preparation, use good bulbs for planting, prevent pests from damaging your plants and follow accepted methods of growing irises.

You can place a small roadside stand in front of your house to sell your flowers. You can also sell directly to wholesale and retail florists, flower shops, and landscape artists. You can join growers associations so you can network with other iris growers and flower shop owners in your area.


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