Starting a Cosmos Farm

If you are going to start a Cosmos farm you should be well aware of the requirements of the cosmos flowers. Only then it is possible to grow beautiful blooming flowers.

They come in a number of varieties. They grow basically in arid conditions and thus require bright sunlight for proper growth.

Starting a Cosmos farm is a good choice for all those who are great lovers of these beautiful flowers. There beauty and serenity is beyond words and imagination. Cosmos are herbaceous plants which grow perennially and are about 0.3-2 mm tall. They are native to the city of Mexico where the majority of the species grow. But they are also found in USA, Central America and North America to Paraguay.

Varieties of Cosmos Flowers

The leaves are beautiful and simple and are basically arranged in pinnate or bipinnate and are arranged in opposite pairs. One of the interesting facts is that the colour of the flower varies with each species. A number of species are present of the cosmos flower which includes-Cosmos atrosanguineus, Cosmos bipinnatus, Cosmos caudatus, Cosmos sulphurous. These varieties have different coloured flowers and so when you begin your farm try to have more of these varieties since this will give more beauty and profit to your farm. You need to be sure that the cosmos plants which you are planting are being kept as per their requirements so that they are able to give flowers at the appropriate timings.

Requirements of the Cosmos Flowers

Since the cosmos flowers grow basically in Mexico so they require poor soil and extreme heat. They grow well in arid conditions and also require a proper drainage. So when you start your farm make sure these conditions can be met only then you can have great flowers blooming all over the farm. You can grow the cosmos flowers in the spring season. You have to plant the seeds of the cosmos flower. They are drought tolerant plants and hence can be grown in border areas with ease. They are deeply loved by the butterflies who can be seen on them. The best time to sow the seeds of cosmos is the spring time.

A very unique kind of cosmos looks like a sea shell, it has rolled and fluted petals and is found in various colours of crimson, white, pink and yellow. Cosmos bipinnatus consist of white petals which look soft on touching, they are joined with rosy pink colour and thus look more serene. Its bloom starts in summer season and continues throughout the fall. It has feathery foliage which fills the plants from bottom to top and thereby give it a bushy look. This variety needs full sun to grow properly. Day of maturity is around 85 days. When you start the cosmos farm, you should be specially concerned about the spacing of each seed. Try to keep a minimum gap of 6” and maximum spacing of around 18”.

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