Growing Alstroemeria for Business

Below the information you might need in growing Alstroemeria that you can use if you are planning to start a business in growing Alstroemeria.

Alstroemeria is a flower from the native land of South America that loves sunshine and can grow to any range of soil types.

During summer season where sun is really shining, Alstroemeria will bloom in different colors such as peach to yellow and with some few pink that include also sport of tiny contrasting freckles. These flowers can last for a week in a flower arrangement.

Instead of cutting the flower, it is better to tug the flower from its base so you will have another flowering shoot that will usually grow behind it.Alstroemeria usually grows each after late summer and will come back with new set of flowers during fall and winter.

If you are planning to grow Alstroemeria for business, you need to learn some basic information regarding its growing attitude. Alstroemeria love sunshine and a well drained soil, do not ever think to grow it on a clay soil because you will surely have difficulty in growing this kind of flower. Do not give them too much shade because it grown tall but floppy and will have weak stems.

To have a beautiful results in growing Alstroemeria you need to feed it with good level of fertilizer and do not forget to regularly water the plant. Always feed it all through out their growing season and water them regularly. And if you let it dry the foliage will resulted to an ugly and awful look. If that happens you can cut the plant 4 to 8 inches above the ground and start to provide proper care and it will surely grow again.

Alstroemeria usually grows during summer and spring season. You need to pick the flower during this season and it will surely provide you wonderful flowers that will surely last for a maximum of 1 week. You can pull the entire flowers or cut it off. In cutting the flowers be careful in cutting the stems that has seed pods. This will take energy and will multiply quickly below rizome such as tubers. It can grow sideways on your garden and if you put them in a pot they can grow big but you need to transfer them when the right time comes, you can either break the pot or pull it carefully from the top.

Alstroemeria has two kinds of growth; the first one is called support growth. It does not make any flowers; this kind of growth is thinner and shorter in appearance compared with the stem that will come up next. Thin it out the stem by pulling the stem up, but of course not all of the stem must be pulled. You need to be careful on which flower to pull up, if you will notice flowers that are taller and thicker usually have more spaces between each node, it is the place that little leaves usually comes out. After the support growth came out then the spikes of flower will appear.


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