Starting Your Own Edible Arrangements Franchise

Edible Arrangements Int'l. Inc. franchise opportunity has been well-renowned for its outstanding fresh fruits that have been arranged in floral-like designs. If you want a flourishing business in the food industry, then Edible arrangements is the right way for you.

Edible Arrangements Int’l Inc. has been in operation since 1999 and has been franchising since 2000.

Starting from just four stores, the company has now grown to around 856 franchises in the US and other parts of the world. It is perfect for people who have passion in culinary arts.

Requirements to Become an Edible Arrangements’ Franchisee

The Company is now looking for qualified franchisees all over the world. Edible Arrangements, a privately owned company, requires its potential franchisees to have a net worth of around $250,000, and a liquid cash asset of $60,000.

Qualifications needed for a new Franchisee

A franchisee should have at least minimum knowledge in food preparations and basic floral arrangements. A good culinary background is also a plus to start this kind of business. A great eye for detail is also a must.

How much it Costs to Start an Edible Arrangements Franchise Business

The Company’s website failed to log the exact required capital in putting up a franchise. But it mentioned that the total investment can reach from $147,500 to $310,000. This does not cover the franchising fee of $25,000. The company will also slice five percent royalty fee from the franchise’s annual revenue. This is relatively small compared to other businesses.

Scope of Return on your Investment

The return of investment in one franchise of Edible Arrangements is quick and simple. Within two years or less, you can already obtain half of the asset allotted in one franchise. However, this may vary depending on the location of the Edible Arrangement franchise. You can be assured of good returns since more than 12 percent of owners have more than one unit under their names, meaning that business is really flourishing.

Training and Support from the Company

Edible Arrangements Int’l Inc. provides full training and support to all new franchisees of the company. This is available at the company’s headquarters (one week) and actual store (one week). The company also has on-the-job training options for new staffs and applicants.

Promotions and Advertising help from Edible Arrangements

Edible Arrangements will give qualified franchisees variety of options when it comes to its advertising needs. Other form of advertising can range from E-mails, newsletters, and other structure of promotion. The industry also make use of the Co-op advertising where franchisees give a certain portion of their cash assets to pay for the TV, print, and Regional advertising.


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