How to Start a Marigold Farm

Exclusivity of marigold flowers is second to none due to their impressive features. Those willing to start marigold farm must plant this favorite flower in specially maintained land. Excellent farming skill is required for this purpose. Marigold plants need utmost care for timely growth. Such farming has several advantages.

If marigolds are planted simultaneously with potatoes, onions and tomatoes they keep them safe from unexpected problems through better protection.

As a marigold farm grower you should prepare weeded plot in the very first step. Arranging best quality marigold seeds, seed dibbers, watering cans and level 2 farming equipments are important items which you should arrange for such farming. Usually 17.5 minutes of time is considered enough for marigolds to grow for certain level hence you have to have proper vigilance of them from seeding to supporting these plants grow.

Make proper arrangement and plant different plants simultaneously. When you plant marigold alongside other plants in your garden your land remains safe from different types of bugs or insects as it keeps them away which is definitely best to lessen the burden of taking extra care of other plants you have in your garden.

Marigold Categories:

Though there are countless categories of marigold but French and African marigolds are prominent. French marigold is a specific category of marigold which can’t be found everywhere although they too come in numerous varieties. You can have Frances Hoffman's marigold plant that is named after eminent plant breeder Frances Hoffman who liked it too much.

Such types of marigold require extreme carefulness. They are best choices to prepare bouquets and decorating gardens. Fast growth and bright color make marigolds most popular garden plants. They, with their wonderful color splashes, make any average garden distinctive.

Decorative Use:

These plants can be planted for developing bordering, bedding and container decorations. You don’t need doing extra effort in planting marigolds because they still remain easy option to grow with additional feature of being pest and disease free plants. They are excellent choices for making children's gardens and can be grown in any soil type.

Marigolds are grown everywhere. African Marigolds are in the limelight because of their diversity. Crackerjack Mixed Tagetes erecta is one such category of African marigolds that has large double blooms in yellow and orange shades. Likewise Inca Mix Tagetes erecta has fully double flat heads. This type of marigold has wonderful disease resistance potentiality. The choice is countless.

Medicinal Benefits:

Marigolds have lots of medicinal benefits. Plant growers must do thorough research of its major and minor advantages while planting them for the first time. They should explore other benefits of such wonderful plants besides striving to find out their best usage. Often the yellow marigold categories come with lemony, citrus flavor that has lots of benefits.

No doubt marigolds are wonderful decorating items but green foliage dissected from them makes these plants worth medicinal value. Colorful green salads prepared from marigold, pineapple sage and borage blooms are other superb benefits which first timers must know well.


  • sudhir jain said on June 4, 2010
    dear sir, I need the best seed for marigold, I want to cultivate the same in about 10 bigha land in a village near dist. saharanpur. kindly inform me the price and variety. thanks s.k.jain saharanpur 9837140563
  • sudhir jain said on June 18, 2010
    the place of marigold farming is village sultanpur, saharanpur, uttar pardesh, india
  • kamalesh kumar pandey said on November 25, 2010
    dear sir, I want to cultivate the marigolds in one hectare of land in mirzapur, u.p. Kindly inform me where may I get best seeds.
  • Raj Vrind Sharma said on January 22, 2011
    Dear sir, I want to the plantation of marigold. Kindly give the detail how i will get the best seeds of merry gold. I will cultivate at least 3 acers land in Bareilly distt.(U.P).. Rajvrind Sharma. 09456280881
  • sushendra pandey said on February 21, 2011
    Want to start production of MARIGOLD, Want to know what type of support our agriculture universities provide to farmer like me? also tell about concern department which can help me in production? Sushendra Pandey, BASTI(Uttar Pradesh)
  • Balinder said on July 3, 2011
    Sir, I want to plant Marigold in 6 acres of land in Raipurrani, Panchkula/Ambala haryana. The soil texture is sandy being next to an intersection of two seasonal river. Pl advice varieties, season, any govt schemes and technical aspects etc to be catered for. regards Balli
  • yogesh l dhamode said on July 6, 2011
    sir i want information about marigold framing.i have make a plant of marigold so plz. advice about market and govt. subsides. tal. vikramgad thane maharastra india
  • vaibhav bedarkar said on July 9, 2011
    sir ,give me information about good verity of marigold flower which is easily available in market. and sir i wan to take production before the Dasara festival. Beed,Maharashtra.
  • mukesh patel said on September 12, 2011
    dear sir, I need the best seed for marigold farming in south gujarat,I want to cultivate the same in about 10 bigha land in a village near dist. valsad. kindly inform me the price and varieties
  • subodh kumar said on October 7, 2011
    Dear Sir, Which would be the best variety for cultivation of MARIGOLD in Dehradun. Thanks
  • sandeepsingh said on October 17, 2011
    dear sir i want to cultivate the marigold in two hectare in lucknow u p . kindly inform me about seed & rate
  • Parvez Khan said on October 25, 2011
    I intend to start marigold ( Genda flower) farming in Lucknow,U.P , India. Can you tell me how can I get full details with project report.
  • Wasudeo D Talkhande said on October 31, 2011
    Dear Sir, Can you suggest seed of Marigold i am at Nagpur Maharashta India
  • Achal Kumar said on November 3, 2011
    Dear Sir, I'm an MBA in marketing stream and now i want to start farming of marigold in my paternal land of 25 bighas in bhagalpur (Bihar). I want to know about the probable problems and investment. Achal Kumar, 9044467285
  • a.k.choudhary said on December 16, 2011
    Starting MARIGOLD plantation in April 2012 in 8000 sq.ft. area. Expecting yield from June-July 2012.Intend to expand 5 times the initial area, subsequently.Buyers can contact a.k.choudhary, +91 9969226450.
  • Sebastian said on December 27, 2011
    Dear Sir, I am planning a vast area cultivation of marigold in Karnataka district. I want to know some points regarding:
    1. The flower marigold
    2. Varieties
    3. Its demand
    4. Problems for the people by its growth (like air pollution)
    5. Its seed details (of variety qualities)
  • ANKUSH MITTAL said on January 17, 2012
  • vinod kumar said on January 22, 2012
    sir, pl tell me how to growing of marigold flower and give briefly information about the market and price for sold. Village - ahamdabad near dhamoora dist - rampur (UP).
  • G S Sidhu said on March 26, 2012
    I need Merigold (Gianda )seeds and other flower seeds. If you know the source please inform me. 9855892864
  • shishirendu singh said on April 1, 2012
    sir, i want to start marigold farming, about 5 acre vill- rojhauhan, post- banjari, distt- sidhi, madhya pradesh india. please tell full information package of practices, cost of cultivation, economics, profit of 1 acre, how many season etc. please give all information thanks
  • THOMAS GEORGE said on April 28, 2012
    I have 5 hectares of land in Chiplun ,Maharastra. I intend to do Marigold cultivation. Kindly let me know whether the area is good for the said crop. Also be kind to give me approx. idea of the price, cost of planting per hectare and also the average crop in Kilograms per hectare. Thanking You. Thomas G
  • SURESH PATEL said on May 11, 2012
  • bhavesh patil said on June 6, 2012
  • Ranjeet Gadhave said on June 9, 2012
    Dear Sir, Can you suggest seed of Marigold , we are at Nagpur Maharashta India. WANT TO PLANT MARIGOLD FLOWER IN MY 1 ACRE LAND IN MONSOON
  • NILESH CHAUDHARI said on June 16, 2012
    Dear Sir, pls suggest seed for marigold flower in monsoon. From Bardoli Di. Surat ( Gujarat)
  • Praveen Kumar Jha said on June 18, 2012
    Dear sir, Pl provide the detailed project report of marigold farming.I want to start at Patna, Bihar
  • tejinder said on July 2, 2012
    sir i am a housewife i want to grow marigold for commercial purpose. Please suggest how to start. I live in gurdaspur, punjab. I have a plot of 1.5 canal.
  • daudayalpurohit said on July 6, 2012
    hi sir i want to know about marriegold farming.which is the season for growing marriegold flowers
  • Fernandes said on July 11, 2012
    Want to start Marigold farming in One acre of land. Request your help to start the activity. Need end to end process of cultivation.
  • vivek nirmohi said on August 2, 2012
    I Want to do marigold farming initially in 5 acres at mohali, Punjab. Plz inform me about per acre yield, time of cultivation of marigold and also other flower cultivation options in our part of world .It would be useful if u provide me minute details about the same .
  • manoj kr singh said on August 25, 2012
    i am a small farmer in jaunpur u.p. want to grow marigold on my land for commercial use . please tell me from where can i get seeds and also where to sell and the know how. regards
  • KALYAN said on August 25, 2012
    Dear Sir, I am From hyderabad , kindly let me know where i can get marigold seeds and what will be the cost per acre for cultivation . Drumstick cultivation cost per acre and seeds availability in hyderabad.
  • yogesh said on August 26, 2012
    sir, i am form nashik, Plz inform about marigold market near the nashik & surat(Gujrat)
  • samir said on August 30, 2012
    Sir I want to start marigold farming at Mohali, punjab in abount 5 acres of land. Please let me know the total costing per acre and from where can i get good quality seeds. Also please let me know the essentials for the same i.e land preparations, irrigation requirements etc
  • v.p.srivastava said on September 20, 2012
    Dear Sir, want to grow marigold on my plot for commercial use . please tell me from where can i get start and Problems for the people by its growth, how many season we can get flower. budget? ALLAHABAD, U.P. INDIA
  • johnson said on September 20, 2012
    sir, I just planted the marigold east west yellow variety. Now it is 20 days over. Kindly give fertilization schedule to get good yield. I planted in mulching sheeted drip irrigated area in Tamilnadu. I expect harvest for dussehra. Give your expertise advise.
  • sandeep gautam said on September 28, 2012
    sir, i want to start my own farming of marigold. please tell me how many season we can get flower, markets near by lucknow? I have 10 bigha land in lakhimpur kheri district, u.p.
  • sunil kumar singh said on October 3, 2012
    respected sir ,I want to start a well set up of a marigold farm in my district Begusarai in BIHAR ,I have 50 acres of fertile agricultural lands .please guide to me with full details of seeds varieties and name of company. also give me regarding of subsidy for farming of marigolds in bihar govt.
  • Abdul sami said on October 6, 2012
    I want to start marigold plantation at my parental land at kannauj.pls contact 8826971704
  • chetan deshmukh said on October 18, 2012
    sir i would like to know which are the diff ways of marigold, what will be the expenditure and timing for planting seeds
  • jayhind nayak said on October 18, 2012
    deer sir, how much profit in marigold cultivation.
  • Vijay Kakde said on October 19, 2012
    Sir I wish to start marigold/Rose & other flowers farming in Nagpur District (Maharashtra State) in about 3 acres of land. Please let me know the total costing per acre, detailed project report, economics, and from where can i get good quality seeds. Also please let me know the essentials for the same i.e land preparations, irrigation requirements etc. Regards, Kakde
  • pradeep jaswal said on October 26, 2012
    sir i belong himachal i want ideas how marigold farming and where is the market
  • Binay Kumar said on October 29, 2012
    the details of marigold farming like number of plants per hectare, expected yield from the best quality of seeds, total capital investment with detailed break up, market rate etc. may please be detailed for farming to be taken up in the Balasore district in the State of Odisha, india. I am an educated entrepreneur in the field of agriculture.On the basis of your information I have to prepare detailed project report. Waiting for your response. Thanking you.
  • Raghu said on November 16, 2012
    Hi want to start Marigold with one acre of Land in Anekal Near Bangalore, Karnataka. Kindly help even with all details. Awaiting to hear from you
  • aditi singh said on November 22, 2012
    Dear Sir, I am planning a vast area cultivation of marigold in Chhatisgarh (bastar) district. I want to know some points regarding: 1. The flower marigold
    2. Varieties
    3. Its demand
    4. Problems for the people by its growth (like air pollution)
    5. Its seed details (of variety qualities)
  • chandan sn said on November 23, 2012
    sir i need which season is the best to grow mari gold yellow and price trend for the crop
  • Riyaz Ali said on November 26, 2012
    Dear Sir/Mam, We are doing the outdoor Advertising In Uttar pradesh in India Such as Radio Add Hoarding, GSB, Bus Branding, Auto Branding, Banner ETC. Thanks & Regard, Riya Ali, 08808343621, MODERN ART Add- 11/577 indira Nagar Lucknow.
  • rk choudhay said on December 15, 2012
    sir, I would like to start cultivation of marigold on 1 acre of land. Please provide appropriate guideline for
    1. preparation of land ,
    2. plantation (side by side),
    3. process of plantation and expected yield.
  • PARVEEN SINGH said on December 19, 2012
    sir I want to start this crop in haryana Distt bhiwani in 20 begha land area with good ground. kindly let me know the seed and the session for the same. kindly let me know the market for trade and biga wise return value . regards parveen singh 8059623677
  • nivedita said on January 4, 2013
    Please let me know how to start the marigold cultivation. i am from Maharashtra, Pali district.
  • DINESH MENGE said on January 10, 2013
    Like to start cultivation of marigold at Roha, Raigad District , Maharashtra . Is the land and the climate is suitable for marigold. And what is average rate for marigold on commercial basis.
  • Balu said on January 13, 2013
    What is the Crop period and time suitable for planting and also best variety for market price in Marigold? What are the best prices to be adopted for good yield and preventive measures from infestation. Kindly inform. I am fro Andhra,Pradesh, Kurnool Dist. # 9963550608.
  • om prakash said on January 17, 2013
    Dear sir i should start a marigold plantation for business purpose in samastipur, bihar region so please help me how can i start my business as wide range.
  • yogesh singh said on January 18, 2013
    sir, i want to know marigold farming period and place to get best seed, its cost. To grow 1 acre. I am from farrukhabad u.p.
  • praveen said on January 22, 2013
  • seema said on February 1, 2013
    Sir I am from nagpur ,maharashtra. I am interested in doing marigold cultivation. will u pls suggest me which type is better, how to start, the best season for cultivation . And the marketing -where to sell? As I know nothing about farming. Thanking you.
  • Anuj bajpai said on February 2, 2013
    Sir i want to start marigold farming, i have 20 acre land 65 km frm jabalpur m.p. Pleas inform me the way of farming n methods. Thanks
  • Rajesh Rajaram Dhekale. said on February 4, 2013
    DEAR SIR ,I want cultivated marigold at my farm house at satara pls give me an idea seed and market planning income process.
  • Mary said on February 6, 2013
    Hi, Am interested in setting up a homebased terrace garden business of growing marigold flowers. I will be using pots for the same. Please let me know how to procure good seeds, grow them hassle free and ultimately find buyers for the same.
  • Akshay Kumar Pandey said on February 10, 2013
    Dear Sir, I want to know the cost of cultivation of marigold in Varanasi (UP) Distt. Planting time is July.
  • DARSH said on February 25, 2013
  • Rajesh Kumar sakolia said on February 27, 2013
    Dear Sir, i want to do marigold business on my 4 kanal land, am from R.S.pura Jammu J&K. Plz tell me the time to cultivate/plant marigold as well more information on this business.
  • venkataswami bingi said on March 10, 2013
    sir i am the cultivator of mari gold flowers kindly let me know where to market the flowers is there any factories near by bangalore
  • GAURAV KUMAR MISHRA said on March 11, 2013
    dear sir i want to cultivate marigold plants in 5 beegha land area. please suggest the seeds as well as production cost versus profit analysis. i will be thankful to you.
  • S K Galoth said on March 14, 2013
    I would like to start marigold farming in 6 acres of land near Modinagar UP. kindly advise how should I go about.
  • TEJAS G RAUT said on April 1, 2013
  • Mahmood said on April 8, 2013
    Dear sir, i am from bangladesh wanna cultivate marigold in my own land. wanna commercial culti .i need help about high yield variety of marigold n cost of 1 acre. plz help me
  • Saroj said on April 16, 2013
    Dear Sir, I am from Bhubaneswar, Orissa. Please give me some information according to this area.
  • Manjot said on April 22, 2013
    Hello sir, i am manjot from rajpura (punjab). i want to start marigold farming in 1 bigha. please suggest me about marigold's good seeds and how i sold marigold flower in bazar. i shall thankful to you sir my mob. No- 8872218091
  • GANESH DURAPHE said on April 26, 2013
    i need namdhari marigold plant for 15 days plant for dist junnar please advice or contact number for near nursery
  • Balaji Gurav said on May 9, 2013
    Dear sir i am from Ratnagiri Dist, At Aware, Guhagar Tal. please give me some idea about Culcuta marigold seed plant & how many life this plant i want to start the business of the flower & please advice me market cost & selling place
  • vikram singh said on May 9, 2013
    Sin I want to start marry gold farming in vaishali, bihar plz give me all information about good seed and other information.
  • PANKAJ CHURI said on May 12, 2013
    Dear Sir/Madam, I want to do marigold plantation at may ending. Pls suggest me which are best varieties that gives good production. i have a small farm around 1 acre which have black soil. Pls suggest me, Pankaj, 9270347397
  • N.P.Upadhyaya said on May 15, 2013
    My land is in Raisen district of M.P and have a small piece of land nearly 3 acres. I am interested in 1 acre of Marigold farming. Wants to understand the economics as the time left is hardly one month. Sir, please inform me.
  • Raju M said on May 18, 2013
    Sir, Please support and give the information marigold good seed & plants availability at Hydrabad Andrapradesh India
  • kjs sangha said on May 23, 2013
    want to cultivate marigold in jalandhar 2 acre pl advise
  • Vitamins singh said on May 30, 2013
    Sir, I am vikram singh and I belong to lalgunj, vishali, Bihar. please provide me project report for flower farming in poly house. Your faithfully, Singh
  • sukhwinder singh said on June 3, 2013
    I want to start plantation of marigold near Ludhiana pls send me detail or tell me good books on floriculture
  • Shree Samale Patil said on June 4, 2013
    Hi Sir. I am shrikant samale from Parbhani Maharashtra planning for marigold farming please suggest me best seed. and how many months requires for production. Thanking you Shree Samale Patil
  • d b mastud said on June 4, 2013
    Dear sir i want to plant marigold flower in this season at post sade tal. karmala dist.solapur in a 1.5 acres land. pls.tell me how to planting, care, fertilizers uses.
  • Chander Tripathi said on June 5, 2013
    Dear Sir, I am planning for cultivation of marigold in district Gonda (Uttar Predesh). I want to know some details regarding Marigold:
    1. How much its Varieties
    2. Its demand,costing, rate, profit margin
    3. Its seed details (of variety qualities)and what is the best quality and seed rate and area wise quantity.
    Please help.
  • Shauakt ali said on June 19, 2013
    I am residing in Karachi Pakistan. I have 70 acres of land in Badin (Sindh). What is the local name for Marigold. Does it has commercial value? What is the best plant with Tomato at the same time. Some suggest Onion and marigold some suggest potato and marigold I want one under the soil one is creeping and one which is straight. How can I get the reply, thru this page or thru my e mail address? Shaukat ali
  • ashish desai said on June 27, 2013
    I want to start marigold farming so pls complete detail (variety, production, agronomy, market in gujarat) etc. Send
  • dinesh said on July 7, 2013
    i want to start marigold farming in alligarh U P ,pls give me the information for training center in delhi.
  • sabita krishnac said on July 9, 2013
    i want to grow marigold in ranchi, jharkhand . how and where to get best seedling or seeds. which variety is best for the beginners and how to market it.?
  • kundan said on July 10, 2013
    hi wanted to know approx. how many marigold flowers make 1 kg? kundan kathmandu, nepal
  • vikash said on July 22, 2013
    i want to start marigold farming in badchapper in haryana india ,pls give me the information for training center in delhi.
  • vikash said on July 22, 2013
    i want to know wholesale rate of marigold flower and where its market for sale
  • katja said on July 31, 2013
    Dear Sir, The information which I am searching for is; how much seed (in weight or amount) will I get from 1 plant of Marigold Scarletade 50 cm high marigold. So, how much seed can I gain from one plant, not leaves but seed. Thank you!
  • kuldeep said on August 5, 2013
    I am residing in Patiala Distt. of Punjab. I want to grow Marigold in about 10 bighas of land . From where can i get information regarding it.
  • Vittal said on August 7, 2013
    I plant. M gold in 5 cent land. Tell what type of fertilizer. We use and. Tell fungicides
  • jagwinder said on August 9, 2013
    sir i want seed of marigold help me with full detail contact me 9780805521 from punjab
  • keerthy said on August 28, 2013
    sir i want to start marigold cultivation. i have 10 acres of land in nellore(dt), andhrapradesh. so pls tell me how i want to invest, and better seed where i will get..
  • Davinder S Dhillon said on August 29, 2013
    I am from Jalandhar, Panjab. I want total Know how for Marigold Plantation ,planning to grow for commercial marketing, Area will be 15 acres. and best place n contact to market the produce. request for guidance , seed , best time to sow, acre yield, marketing, plucking time. shelflife, sowing tech, selling price,. 09815990025
  • Armana Ishaque said on September 8, 2013
    Dear Sir/Madam: I have a 30 bighas of farm land in a village called Quboolpur, district Barabanki, UP. It is about 45 Km from Lucknow. We cultivate Paddy, wheat, Peppermint and on a small scale mustard. I want to diversify from the traditional cultivation pattern; hence I would like to cultivate flowers (marigold) on a small scale. We are looking for distributors who could provide marigold seeds for about 1/2 a bighas of land. Thank you in anticipation.
  • Sola oyedele said on September 19, 2013
    Am using african marigold as my project. Pls i need full details on african marigold. student, Nigeria
  • VINAY K said on September 20, 2013
    Dear Sir if you want Hybrid Marigold seeds please contact me 9535741584, we will provide for best price
  • bhavik said on September 22, 2013
    i want to start farming in marry gold flower. but i do not know where i sell it. please suggest me. my mobile no :9016022470
  • Ashok Bhake said on October 18, 2013
    I am from Nagpur, I want to start zendu plantation please tell full information package of practices, cost of cultivation, economics, profit of 1 acre, how many season etc. please give all information thanks


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