Start a Vegetable Farm

You might have a plot of vegetables growing in your backyard. You are enjoying the process of watching something grow, harvesting the produce, and perhaps receiving a small income by selling some to neighbors. You could expand that business by starting a vegetable farm. Learn from our guide the basics of vegetable growing.

Vegetable farming may be pursued at leisure as a hobby or developed from small-scale to a commercial-sized one.

vegetable farm

If you have a piece of idle land in your backyard, you could try growing some vegetables during your spare time to augment the family's food supply or supplement the family income. Starting one is easy as you could just use your usual garden equipment to till the soil for crop growing. Such a hobby can eventually be pursued full-time on a commercial scale. A farm a fraction of an acre in size could generate $15,000 in annual sales.

Vegetable Farming Needs

First, of course, you would need a piece of land to start vegetable growing. Try at least an acre for commercial vegetable growing. Then you would need equipment, which you can buy, lease or borrow, such as a tractor, tiller, plow, disc, cultivator, and planter. Lower your production cost as much as possible by spending on equipment only when needed. Unnecessary expense on equipment could eat away potential profits.

Vegetable Farm Crop Choice

Vegetables that are farmed include carrots, lettuce, peas, beans, potatoes, tomatoes, cabbage, broccoli, onions, squash, and pumpkin. Choose your crop depending on:

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  • Climate. What crops grow best in your climate? Some vegetables are cold-resistant, some are not. They should be planted just in time for them to be harvested before weather conditions prove fatal to them.
  • Available time and labor. Some crops have high labor requirements to grow. Before choosing a vegetable to raise, know first the extent to which some plants need tending. Determine whether you have the time to invest to grow and market it. For example, if you expect to be unable to get your products sold immediately, avoid easily perishable crops like asparagus, sweet corn, peas and grow potatoes and onions instead.
  • Technical knowledge and equipment. Some crops are difficult to grow and need special attention from the farmer for optimum results. Your choice of the crop should consider whether you have the knowledge and experience in growing such a crop and whether you are willing to learn from available resources. Also, some crops would need special equipment. Choose those you won’t need to buy the equipment to grow.
  • Market Preference. Will there be consumers willing to buy your produce? Where is your target market located? The nearer it is, the better. If you plan to open a pick-your-own farm, be sure that your area is accessible to people. As a small gardener, you can also sell produce in retail from a roadside market, farmer's market, or local grocery store.

Learn the Basics of Farming from this Beautiful Guide

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  • Buying Vegetable Plants
    It is really up to you where to buy vegetable plants. The place you will choose should depend on the budget and on the kind of garden they have. Try looking over the mentioned seed stores and be able to get your seeds with discount, if ever.
  • Steps to Prepare Soil for Vegetable Garden
    Knowing how to prepare soil for vegetable garden is a good start in creating an organic vegetable garden. This will not only make good yield but also help in healthy living.


  • Olefile said on March 25, 2009
    I want to start vegetable farming and make some kind of a fresh produce market and donate some of what I'll e producing to the two community based centers against poverty and would like to use the people of the local region who would have interest in this as my plan is to reduce unemployment and take some of the people who will be in charge for a skills training for their particular responsibilities around the farm. I have the land where all these can be implemented but my worry is if I wait to retire and use my savings on farming it would be hard to start as the land would have long become a bush of which poverty and crime rate would maybe be higher, I have a plan and applied to various institutions but luck has not come my way so I was wondering if you can provide me with a list of organization where I can apply for financial assistance.
  • manouchehr abshar said on May 3, 2009
    I have 1 hector land and preparing myself to retire. As the price of vegetables are rising I have every intention to start a small business producing and selling vegetables. At this stage I appreciate whatever help I could get.
  • oni said on July 29, 2009
    We have a 3acre land which has already been cleared and ripped. we want to try our hand on vegetables preferably capsicum, beans, cucumbers etc. it's usually very hot and we have limited water resources relying mostly on the rain. i would really appreciate it if i could be advised on how to manage a vegetable farm given the water problem
  • Josie said on September 8, 2009
    am Josie from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. we started a family group of 8 people. we have 12 acres and we want to try on vegetable, and it is too hot in Dar. please advise and I want to have more information on the vegetable farming
  • jordan crago said on December 7, 2009
    i am only 16 and i'm going to finish high school in 2 years, i need to know how long it would take from leaving high school to farming. i want to grow salad vegetables such as radish, lettuce, sweet pepper, tomatoes, cucumber, sweet corn etc. i only want 150 hectors. i already grow in my 3 5m by 5m gardens sunflower, swede, cauliflower, broccoli, 7 types of lettuce, radish, tomatoes, potatoes, beans, peas, cucumber, leeks, carrots, and sweet corn. i love every thing about it from making compost to picking the produce. i need to know how long i will need to spend with another farmer, how long i will spend in agriculture college. please help. please note i don't need organic tips as where i live people don't care for that!
  • caroline said on December 28, 2009
    I want to start a fruit and vegetable farm in a semi desert place in a ten hector field. How should I start. I have the finances
  • Theo K. Pometsey-Sallah said on January 5, 2010
    The business location in Volta Region Ghana. I wish to get into vegetable farming
  • Mbombo said on January 7, 2010
    I want to start a vegetable farm the location is Butterworth Region, Eastern Cape, South Africa. I have the land & water but my problem is finances for things like machinery and other stuff.
  • Ashley said on January 11, 2010
    I have a 4 hec farm and l stay in gaborone botswana. This area is very hot and I would like to know what vegetables I can plant and how I can care for them in this weather. Gaborone botswana
  • sanjeev madan purohit said on January 14, 2010
    We have 5 acres land in Dapoli, Ratnagiri, Maharashtra, I want to start fruit & vegetable farm. pls advice me the cost, items and other details pls.
  • shihab said on January 27, 2010
    malappuram, Kerala, India. i have 2 acre land and i am interested in vegetable farming, like tomato cabbage and banana.
  • RAYMOND RAMPAPE said on February 18, 2010
  • anirban mitra said on February 23, 2010
    i have 3 acres area at west bengal at south 24 pgs (baruipur area). i would like to start farming of vegetables & fruits. in this respect i expect your guidance. anirban mitra
  • onkgopotse boitshwarelo said on March 25, 2010
    please sent me the business plan for vegetable production. it will be more helpful. I want to start a vegetables production business
  • Ray Bibi said on April 6, 2010
    I would like to start a vegetable and fruits production business in Cameroon, Western province,( high Plateaux). I have a 3 acres land and need your guidance. I live here in the US and would like to put that land to good use and create some jobs. Very grateful for any information. Thank you.
  • Tony Millenkamp said on April 8, 2010
    Live in Eastern Iowa. Currently farm 1000 acres of corn. Considering starting a vegetable farm. Need some advise on what to plant in my climate and where to sell it.
  • Magde said on May 3, 2010
    HI I would like to start a vegetable garden in my back yard. i live on Botswana would beetroot and carrots lettuce be ideal. please advise, no very little about growing vegies but i am beginning to have the urge to do something like that and i am willing to learn more thru the internet.
  • Paschalina C. Phiri said on May 10, 2010
    I have just acquired 5 acres on the outskirts of Lusaka on the Great North road and would like some information on commercial vegetable farming
  • Manish said on May 14, 2010
    Sir, Please help me how to borrow money to start a vegetable business and other necessary needs
  • Molly said on May 24, 2010
    I want to start a vegetable/fruit pick your own farm with options to have market stands. I'm doing a business plan etc. but would like more information on how to financially start one up.
  • Ramu said on May 30, 2010
    Hello Sir, I have 4 acres of land which is 40 kms away from city. Also I have a cold storage available which is just 2 kms away from my farm. I am interested in vegetable farming and would need some advice and project planning for following: 1) Selecting suitable crop
    2) Finance
    3) Approaching various markets for selling the crop.
    Any help will be greatly appreciated. Sangareddy. Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India
  • Basi Malatji said on June 3, 2010
    We are a business chamber in South Africa that seeks to create 60 farming business coops, train them, seek funding for them and ensure sustainability of their businesses. We need the following: 1) +- 100 hector farming land around Diepsloot in South Africa for vegetable and poultry farming.
    2)Funding to purchase this land
    We are looking for donor funding - how can we access it?
  • andrew salm said on June 14, 2010
    Hi there, I have 50 acres in jamaica and am keen to get into farming on a commercial level. We have a lot of hotels nearby which is a good source of demand as well as lots of supermarkets who cannot get consistent deliver to fill demand. We are close to a run off river but the actual river is now underground. wondering what advice you could give me to get it up and running.
  • valerie benskin said on July 1, 2010
    I live in California and want to start my own vegetable and fruit business, like a road side one. But I need to find a good location for such a venture. I have been growing my own for some time now and I feel it would be a good time to branch out
  • muraleedharan said on July 3, 2010
    i have 1 hector land i like to start a vegetable farm i need your advice plz. i plan to buy one tiller what is the suitable and from where i can buy it.
  • isaac said on July 11, 2010
    i am in Ghana and want to start vegetable farming. what process i to start with ie land seed chemicals money.
  • Mbongeni said on July 12, 2010
    I have a more than 14 Hectors of unused land in Pongola, South Africa. I want to use most of it in growing vegetables. there are 2 major challenges here, 1. No water (borehole needed) 2. No finance to get proper machinery. I have a wonderful community with high unemployment rate and surely will cover the labor part.
  • Lorato Gotsilemang said on July 13, 2010
    Fruit and Vegetable Production. I want to start the above business. The land is readily available and located in a suitable area rich with nutrients. I am from Eastern part of Botswana, Southren Africa. I am looking for your assistance in doing the business proposal which will help me to apply for the Young Farmers Funds. Please help because i always wanted to be a farmer.
  • dhananjay said on July 17, 2010
    hi, i have 3.5 acre land near to city. i want to start farming vegetables and fruits. which vegetable or fruit i should prefer. as it is semi cool area with minimal water resources.
  • choene said on July 24, 2010
    i have got piece of land and i have already started planting vege. i need help with a business plan so that i can apply for funding. polokwane, limpopo, south africa
  • gerald msacky said on August 25, 2010
    I have got piece of land shielded and read to use for any type of veg farming, which vegetable grow faster for making cash and what is your advise for start such a farming project here in Botswana Thank, regard.
  • Tshepo said on September 6, 2010
    I am running a SETA Learnership, my 30 learners need funds to start vegetable farming. We have land 20 Hectares. Exp: Madibogo, North West, South Africa
  • akson potera said on September 7, 2010
    I am a qualified olericulture (vegetable) producer and hope help more people be self-reliant. I wish to produce on my piece of land at Mashau Thondoni, Limpopo, RSA. I would also like to share my skills, ideas, knowledge and experience (5 years) from both Zimbabwe and RSA commercial farming. Ideas can be shared on 084 508 1218 or
  • Girish Vishani said on September 8, 2010
    I have piece of land near my house & already have some vegetables but need to grow for cash. Need your advise for starting getting some home income. Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Thanks in advance.
  • kelvin munyasi said on September 15, 2010
    i am a qualified horticulturalist and intend to start a horticultural farm focusing on supply the entire of Nairobi city with fresh vegetable produce. I would like someone to show me a good business pla for my venture.
  • George said on October 8, 2010
    I have access to 2 acres of land and to irrigation water and have started vegetable farming in Malmesbury,Cape Town, South Africa.I do not have the professional know-how to farm vegetables for commercial purposes and marketing skills. I have started with ZImbabwean vegetables and would like to market them to local grocery stores.Lets share ideas at
  • Mathew said on October 10, 2010
    I want to start producing cabbages in Namibia at ogongo, please send me the business plan for producing cabbages in 3 hectares area.
  • rajeshbalpande said on October 11, 2010
    I am engg. i have 13 acres of land but there is no source of water i want to start vegetable farming. my farm is at bhugaon wardha[maharashtra][INDIA] .i want to make compound,well,and do the vegetable farming but finance is needed so please give me suggestions on that and tell me if any help is given by maharashtra as well as Central government for this project
  • suresh gnawali said on October 19, 2010
    I am agriculture graduate and i have some experience on vegetable production less idea about off season vegetable production so please provide me suitable idea on it
  • Sifiso Mkhwanazi said on October 19, 2010
    i have unused tribal land previously used as sugar cane plantations. The land has been unused for more that 20 years now and I have an idea to turn it to a vegetable farm for different vegetables. Minimum size is about 30 hectares with no irrigation equipment. The area is about 45 kms from the Indian ocean
  • Moses Rebagamang said on October 27, 2010
    I have a pierce of land ranging between 80-100 hectors in Botswana, Central district and I want to start growing vegetables on the other side. If u can help me get business plans for this it will be a dream come true.
  • Richard Junior Bogatsu said on October 28, 2010
    my name is Richard Junior. i am looking for farmers to help me come up with a business plan for a horticultural business in clenvalley. my interest is to work with anyone who wants to build a business in farming. please contact me at 75302922
  • Tlaki Nnete said on October 28, 2010
    We are four women that want to start a business in maize farming. anyone that can help.
  • GOHE said on October 29, 2010
  • rajul kambuj said on October 31, 2010
    want to start Amla farm at Bhugaon near Pune
  • Steve said on November 22, 2010
    I do not have land and would be resigning at the end of the year. I felt I am potentially misplaced in the department of education. I have served as a teacher and Education specialist for 22 Years. I would now want to follow my heart and vision, which is in vegetable farming. I grew up in a farm. my father was a farmer in Montana Pretoria. I a farm with water for vegetable farming and further support thereon Please advice me on how to get land in south Africa as I might not have enough funds from my pension fund
  • k.muthuswamy said on November 30, 2010
    I own 1 acre land in Cauvery basin Trichy Dist., Tamilnadu. I want to go for grow vegetables and fruit bearing plants to supplement my pension. Please advise the crops for which I can go.
  • Beenzu Muzingwani said on November 30, 2010
    if one has the burning desire to do vegetable farming,can start with what you have at hand,i started a vegetable garden with almost nothing much,till now am still watering with hand buckets,and i dont have transport,i have planted in total 6000 tomato plants on a week difference so that i will sell for a period of time.if one is interested in helping with transport please get in touch,
  • Jitendra said on December 2, 2010
    we are having 3 Acres land in the area (Khopoli-Raigad), we want to produce vegetables, kindly provide the information about which vegetable we can take as well as suggest the most profit earning vegetables in the market (mumbai)
  • Lyudmila said on December 6, 2010
    we are one of the biggest russian wholesale and retail trading company in South Russia, has experience for about 50 years in fields of agricultural equipment, building materials, etc. pls visit our website for more information You know there are thousands of agricultural lands in Kabardino-Balkarian Republic. We really want to use it in the right way. So can you offer us some business plan of the whole cycle of growing, storing and packing vegetables? we are very interested in possible cooperation. Waiting for answer.
  • Dolly kwenaeetile said on December 7, 2010
    could you pliz send me details on vegetable production as am interested in that kind of business i want to do a business plan so i do believe your details can help me a lot. best regards.
  • Tadesse Bekele said on December 9, 2010
    Dear Sir, I am Tadesse from Ethiopia. I am planing to start vegetable farm. I have 12 acres of land and the family use it for crop once a year and for at least 7 month the land is free, can I get your advise and business plan. with regards, Tadesse
  • Hugo Ho said on December 9, 2010
    HI, My name is Hugo, i stay at Malaysia. I plan to start a business on vegetable and goat farm. I got found a land around 6 acres. My questions is:
    1. What equipment should i have?
    2. I always worried that vegetable got a lot of insert, what should i do?
    3. How long can harvest?
    4. How many worker should i have?
    5. How many vegetable i can plant in 6 acres land?
    6. In Malaysia, what kind of vegetable more suitable?
    7. Garlic can easy to plant as the price is higher than before 100%
    Anyway, i almost zero on this industry, please help. Thanks, Hugo
  • Linda said on December 19, 2010
    Hi. I am in Hillcrest in KZN South Africa. I have been growing veggies for my family but now want to expand it into an organic veggie business, possibly along the lines of a "veg-box" scheme. I would also be interested in working together with other people growing a few extra veggies but not enough to start their own business. Any input or ideas would be helpful. Also advice on marketing and selling on a small but profitable basis. Thanks, Linda
  • Patrick Samwel said on December 19, 2010
    Hi team. I am in Kirya Mwanga district Kilimanjaro region Tanzania EA. I have 28 acres along Pangani basin where i am performing vegetable farming. Just like others i am facing poor harvest due to our traditional irrigation and farming methods. I have a plan of developing 10 acres by building green houses, drip irrigation as well as sprinklers. I have communicated with Balton Tanzania and they promised to give me price for green houses pumps and irrigation pipes. The remaining is bank requirement where i should present a proposal so that i can get capital. Kindly help me on writing a proposal on starting a vegetable farm. Regards, Patrick.
  • lucky said on December 24, 2010
    Hi I am Lucky from indore our business plan is related to vegetable, buy from farmer and get free delivery to customer take order on net or telephone ... I am confused it is good or not kindly suggest me. 9009991322 my cell no.
  • Farzana Khan said on January 4, 2011
    Hi My names Farzana and and planning to start a vegetable farm. Growing Cucumber and tomatoes and capsicums. I have about 2 acres of land and am not quite sure how to go about starting. Just need some more advise. Many thanks Regards, Farzana
  • chedza said on January 6, 2011
    i have a land which i'm working hard to develop and apply for young farmers fund.I would like to grow vegetables, the land is sandy, which type of vegetables can i grow from the type of soil. and kindly send me the business plan for such type of business. I ll appreciate your help very much
  • shubham said on January 12, 2011
    Hello all, Myself Shubham. I am born only for pure vegetable farming, That's why recently passed M.Sc. in Vegetable Science. Now searching for any production / training type service in the U.P.or near near states. I have researched on Integrated nutrient management of Black potato. If in your eyes, there is any chance for me you can make a email contact with me. I also want to solve your problems related to vegetable. Yo can send ur problems picture (disease symptoms, insect,etc...) , I will try to help you free of cost. my mail id is
  • Mohd Osman said on January 13, 2011
    I want to start the Vegetables in my 10 Acres of Land. pls. help me.
  • shilu sinha said on January 13, 2011
    I want to grow vegetable using integrated farming concept like fish culture, mushroom, spices, fruits, etc with main focus on vegetable and fruits farming in sonipath(haryana) on 10acre land. please help me.
  • Itumeleng N.B said on January 14, 2011
    I am 38yrs old and I have a 4 ha piece of land and I want to start producing green peppers and tomatoes.My farm is situated 10km from Palapye. I need advice coz I have been trying to sow green peppers but they do not germinate and if they germinate they take around a year before they produce. I also need to know about the variety of tomatoes which is favorable to the Palapye climate
  • MissT said on January 18, 2011
    please send me the business plan for small stock production esp goats. it will be more helpful. I want to start a a small stock production business. Gabs, Botswana
  • nimmi said on January 20, 2011
    Hello I have 3 acres of land in northeast India.I am passionate about farming and have been thinking for a long time about commercial farming.The land is abundant with water supply, is fertile but it is a hilly area.How can we start organic farming and get good business prospect out of it.
  • Mrs. Aziza ahmed said on January 29, 2011
    Hi i have 4 acre in Malindi, Kenya. I want to built a family house four bed roomed house a kitchen, dinning, sitting room. I want also to do some farming in cows and chicken layer and broilers. Also fruits and vegetables is it possible? please advice
  • dennis ruble said on February 1, 2011
    I want to start a veg. farm in missouri and sell produce and fruit in a building on my property. What permits do I need.
  • ruth simwanza said on February 3, 2011
    Lusaka Zambia. I would like to start a vegetable farm. I desire 5 acres of land to grow tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots. Land is expensive in Zambia - an acre in Lusaka costs $ 2500. What advice can you give me in raising funds I need for this purpose?
  • F Sebeela said on February 13, 2011
    I want to start an irrigated vegetable farm in the eastern part of Botswana. Please advise most suitable vegetables to grow. Also if possible provide sample business plan for such a project.
  • mooketsi gabonnelwe said on February 23, 2011
    I want to start a business farm(vegetable production) so far i have a manual,and i have done a lot of things required e.g business name, operating license and a lease where i will run my business, so i need a help with a business plan and production plan please
  • NoBenjamin said on March 2, 2011
    I would like to start a crop farming business can you assist me my place is aport ast Johns-Eastern Cape
  • Asamoah said on March 4, 2011
    Hi, I am starting vegetable farm project on 15acres of land to help reduce poverty and develop the human capacity of the youth in the community. But my biggest problem is that, the land is a valley and there is no funds for the project. Therefore. i need support,directions and ways to raise funds to come out of this big farm project successfully, please!
  • Bassirou Sarr said on March 9, 2011
    I live in West Africa where the climate is hot, water resources are scares and have high salinity. I just retired and would like to start a small scale farm on a 4 acres lot. Would like to advise on where to find information and online training courses to be a knowledgeable farmer both for vegetables fruit plants and affordable farm equipment.
  • Patience Maje said on March 9, 2011
    My Vegetable garden is located at 90 km from Gaborone City in Botswana. Our country is very hot during summer and I would like to know the suitable vegetables to grow. Also provide me with a vegetable farming business plan
  • Raghunath expert adviser said on March 9, 2011
    @Patience Maje, Hello Patience Maje, The best vegetables for hot weather are Corn, summer squash, water melon, green beans, ladyfinger, tomato, potato and onions. It also depends on your soil quality so get your soil tested from nearest horticulture office.

    Raghunath Natarajan
    Startup Biz Hub - Advisor (Staff)

  • Sumit Kasnia said on March 21, 2011
    I am software eng. I have 100 acres land with full of facility along with near of city. i have orange garden in 25 acres as well. i want to start business for growing vegetable. i have tested soil quality by the horticulture office. but i am confused about the which type of vegetables should be grown ? how can i sell in the metro cities or non metro cities ? i need also buyer who can help me to grow my business. please help me out.
  • ever said on March 24, 2011
    my 2500 sqm land is in the outskirts of Harare(Seke area)Zimbabwe. I would like to do professional vegetable gardening. Finances are available, what crops can i grow?
  • Raghunath expert adviser said on March 25, 2011

    @ever, it depends on your weather type, soil and water.

    • In hot weather you can farm potato, tomato, corn, lady finger, water melon, green beans, carrot beat roots and onion.
    • By mid augustĀ  you can plant carrots, leek, turnip, early cabbage, cauliflower, swiss chard, and Perennial Flowers.
    • By mid September you can farm broccoli, spinach, Leaf Lettuces, Mustard, Radishes and bunch onion.

    Raghunath Natarajan
    Startup Biz Hub - Advisor (Staff)

  • Onalekutlo kenabatho said on March 31, 2011
    i have 2 Ha field in Gaborone Botswana and want to start tomatoes and cabbage production. i am stuck with crop budgeting.
  • Wantwa Mwahimba beginner adviser said on April 5, 2011
    I have read most of these comments and I am surprised that most of us are asking for materialistic help. Who is gonna do that? I would like to advise all that for one to do that, i.e. commercial vegetable growing, there is need to start from small. Remember that small things add up to big things. A good business starts from small and grow it to big and gain more more knowledge through that. I am one of those people who have already started with small things like keeping broilers, pigs and doing some farm produce sales and then slowly I will go into commercial level in the same ventures. Basically one needs to have fixed assets like land. Money needs to be accumulated with time. All the best to you all!
  • KAREKEZI Esdras said on April 11, 2011
    I am in Rwanda, I am running a vegetables Farming business. For that i wanna have more knowledge in this vegetables farming. I have begun last year and i succeeded a bit but difficulties to continue. Please wait for your advice and your help to success in vegetables. Regards,
  • dawood gangat said on April 16, 2011
    i have a piece of land in shelly beach South Coast and i am interested in starting a chilli farm how do i go about doing it?
  • Neshas Bhandari said on April 16, 2011
    I want to farm vegetable, I have small land against my house i want to use that and do some income. so, i want to need some instruction how could I start my farming
  • Mecko said on May 1, 2011
    Am a nigerian from edo state (ovia north-east local government area). I have this dream of becoming a big term vegetable farmer because i have passion for plants. Could you please help me out with detailed information on greenleaf /pumkin cultivation. Am so much interested in this two crops for now. Thanks.
  • lungani said on May 10, 2011
    i want to help my granny start up growing fruit and veg she has got a big plot of land before we used to grow sugar cane but there was not much profit from tongaat hullet so we would like to try some thing different please help us out we are in south africa kzn upper tongaat north of durban my contact 0765091897
  • Raghunath expert adviser said on May 10, 2011

    @lungani, Hi lungani, Growing vegetables is a good idea infact it's a fun. I think you can grow corn, tomatoes, cabbage, carrots, peas and green beans etc but among all corn is best for your region.

    Raghunath Natarajan
    Startup Biz Hub - Advisor (Staff)

  • judah moremedi said on May 19, 2011
    i have a 2 hectare farm in botswana and i want to use it for vegetable (rape,cabbage,spinach,tomato,carrot,green pepper,chillies) production. I need a sample business plan for reference. please, help me. I also want to start a chicken and poultry farm on the same land.
  • Hezekiel Mokwape said on May 22, 2011
    I grow vegetables @ home but my plot is small, now I want to venture into semi-commercial farming as I have support from local small traders in my area. Please I need a sample of a business plan related to this kind of farm. I live in a rural area in Mpumalanga province some 15 kilometers north east of PIENAARSRIVIER.
  • Syed said on May 26, 2011
    Dear sir i have about 1 acre of farm land near to city i m from lucknow and i m a graduation student plz guide me to all knowledge and investment my id is
  • Heidi said on June 6, 2011
    I live in bay of plenty, Opotiki of New Zealand. I want to start a vegetable garden, like tomato. could you give me some advice. thanks a lot.
  • Abiola said on July 3, 2011
    I am just employed as a farm manager, in d southwest area in nigeria. where everything to be done lie's on me. Majorly on vegetables. Pls, i want u to advice me on how to be very effective as a farm manager.
  • MOJAKI DITHEBE said on July 4, 2011
    I have 120 hectare land. I want to use the land for vegetables farming. Help me with good business plan. Which vegetables will grow well in my area? I stay in Kutlwanong, Matjhabeng Municipality,Free State Province, South Africa.
  • Lon Mtongana said on July 8, 2011
    Hello Could you kindly send me a sample business plan for vegetable farming in the Eastern Cape .we have 100ha land available and would like to concentrate on potatoes , cabbage, tomatoes, lettuce and spinach for commercial purpose.
  • Ishmael Moloi said on July 8, 2011
    I and my friend have a very fertile land in the northern part of KwaZulu Natal and want to start a vegetable growing and selling business with two aims to create an employment opportunity for the local community and make a small living income but we got no financial marcel please give us direction and advise
  • shobha said on July 26, 2011
    Hi, my name is Shoha and I have done my doctors in genetics and plant reeding. I live in Dharawad, Karnataka, India which falls in transitional belt. Even though I have a doctoral degree, I am into research field and dont have much idea on commercial vegetable production. I have 2 acres of land and would like to know which could be the best vegetables that could be grown in the transitional tract with semi hot condition. Thank you
  • sivarajah said on August 7, 2011
    I am from Sri lanka, Eastern region, looking for developing an integrated farm in 50 acres located nearby small pond. It is forestry area early. I have an idea of cultivating Maize, Lemon, Green gram, Coconut tree and cattle rearing, fishing to add value to the sustainable farming to improve the land fertility as well. I want to get a loan sanction I need to submit a proposal aiming the benefit in terms of economy, food security development of the nation. If I am can be assisted in developing a proposal would be grateful.
  • Rosa Shiferaw said on August 8, 2011
    Dear Sir, first of all thank you for your help am from Ethiopia. I want start vegetable small farm around Dukim. I have some question. Can you help me?
  • Nich said on August 10, 2011
    Hi, am in Nairobi Kenya and intends to do serious horticultural farming on half an acre farm within the city outskirts. I need a good business plan that will show different phases of the project and its likely budget. Kindly factor in green house farming.
  • Geoffrey Njengaa said on August 13, 2011
    I am in Nyandarua kenya i want know carrot yield per acre in kenya and best method of increasing yield.
  • theuns said on August 16, 2011
    I have a very fertile land in limpopo and want to start a vegetable growing and selling business with two aims to create an employment opportunity for the local community and make a good living income but we got no financial marcel please give us direction and advise.What could the possible income be if i plant 15 hectors of onions 7 what is the input cost more ore less.i have a lot of water.
  • casmas said on August 17, 2011
    i am in lephalale. busy drafting a business plan for vegetables garden. I need to know more about green peppers,tomatoes and cabbages. I will also like to communicate with people around lephalale who are interested in vegetables gardening.0769618234


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