“Start a Vegetable Farm”
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  • Tinashe said on August 30, 2011
    Hi please help me with information of how to grow tomatoes, carrots, onions, green pepper e.t.c in Zimbabwe. from seedling to harvest.
  • Hezbon said on September 9, 2011
    i need to start a business of farming that it is green vegetable farming of about 1 acre of land and i need assistance of a proposal writing to enable me to meet funds to start the same please help me my cell phone number is +254710877244. thanks Hezbon.
  • molebatsi manyako said on September 11, 2011
    Hi, I am molebatsi manyako from Limpopo Province (Laphalale District). I would like to start a vegetable growing and selling business in the area. Please advice with the type of vegetables to grow in Laphalale area as well as as business plan. Thanking you in advance
  • Charles Mubelwa said on September 12, 2011
    Hi, I am a small scale vegetable producer located in Arusha-Tanzania. I have 2 acres planted with water melons (F1 Hybrid) under irrigation and would like to get some outlet links at good price before I end up selling them just to clear the land! expecting to harvest on January 2012!
  • mositi phera said on September 14, 2011
    i am motswana by nationality.i have a scale to start business of garlic production.the problem is financial to start up the business.and also i am having a little information of where to sell the product after harvesting.
  • Theodosis Tzanos said on September 14, 2011
    Dear people, I am situated in Greece and because the situation here goes from bad to worst i want to become as independent as possible. Please help me with any advice. I want to buy land in order to be able to maintain independent for fruits, vegetables and meat for a family of 4. As I dont already own the land, I have the advantage of being able to chose from the whole Greece. Please tell me factors I need to consider before buying the land. Also what do you recommend I should grow in order to feed my family and be able to sell a little something. Any advice will help. Thank you so much for your time, Theodosis
  • Laxman kurle said on September 23, 2011
    We are having 2.5 acre of mango(hapus) farm with 300 trees. We need a buyer. Contact :lucky4skurle@gmail.com
  • Robert Keokgale said on October 14, 2011
    I am a motswana by origin and have a piece of land where i want to grow some vegetables for business in the Mahalapye area, no funds to drill a bore hole and electrical installation hope you can advice.
  • Kamungu Augustine said on October 18, 2011
    i am zimabwean based in the midlands province in the kwekwe district. advise me on how to grow onions, tomatoes and cabbages on a small scale (2.5 acres)
  • richard said on October 19, 2011
    My company has just acquired a 600 acre farmland and plan to use it for commercial vegetable and fruit production. There is also a huge dam on the land for irrigation. This land is in the Volta region of Ghana, west Africa. We are interested in finding investors to partner us in executing this project. We will be glad if you can help us in this regard. thank you.
  • Tlamelo Lekoko said on October 20, 2011
  • Thatayaone Moloko said on October 24, 2011
    Guys'can u pls help me, I have a piece of land (about 1HA) and i want to venture into commercial vegetable production. The problem is that i dnt know how to write a business and management plan that can help me find financial assistance from Youth fund or young farmer's fund. I am in Botswana and my plot is at Bobonong. Water for irrigation is available and the soil is good for growing crops. Your help will be appreciated, and you can reach me at visit.clex@gmail.com or phone 75394585. Thanx
  • abdurehman said on October 27, 2011
    i have one hectare land in the southern regions of ethiopia near to butajera city
  • Sello Muthivhi said on October 29, 2011
    I am a 19years with a passion of being a farmer and i have everything 2 start but i need business plan to raise a loan and it is difficult 2 raise a loan without business plan. Can u assist me in reconstructing a business of vegetable and lifestock farm please
  • sarabano said on November 9, 2011
    i want to start a business at a small scale in islamabad i want to grow potatoes and onions please guide me thank you
  • AARON BANDA said on November 15, 2011
    Am Aaron banda am a pastor by professional. Am a Zambia. I have been posted at Muleracongregation along great east 7kms from chikalawa turn, Petauke district. I have plans to open a vegetable farm for green beans and irish potatoes. I have seed for potatoes and money for 20kgs of beans seed out of the planed 50kgs. Am hereby, writing to the well wishers to help me with funds for fertilizer and pest killers and other needed chemicals. This project is there to sunspot the ministry of God specifically local mission work.
  • olebogeng said on November 16, 2011
    i have a two hectare in tsabong that i would like to use for vegetable production, i need assistance with business plan and choice of vegetable to grow as well as finance
  • Wambugu cyrus said on November 17, 2011
    I am young & a very passionate farmer on utilizing my career on Agriculture as my professional. I have been producing various types of vegetables on small scale like Broccoli, Cauliflower, lettuce, leeks, spinash and beets due to lack of market information. I therefore request for your help on the market information for the above mentioned products. Am from kenya at the footsteps of MT Kenya.
  • RDD said on November 20, 2011
    mumbai india. i want to start vegetable farming, please advice from the beginning
  • arvind sharma said on November 20, 2011
    i am from kolkata i have required full inquiry about banana and vegetable
  • Shammi said on November 21, 2011
    dear Sir, i am having 3 acre of land and i wan to start a Vegetable firm please guide me regards the plot allocation during this rabi session the best economical plot allocation, based on the market demands
  • kanayo henry chukwujekwu said on November 25, 2011
    Located at Abakaliki, Ebonyi State, Nigeria. please i want you to help me in writing a maize farming business plan.
  • Malumo Mubita said on November 26, 2011
    i reside at plot No. 3337 Mulambwa compound, Mongu Western Province, Zambia. I would like to be assisted with funding to finance a irrigated community vegetables production project
  • YOEL said on November 30, 2011
  • TSHEPHO said on December 3, 2011
    i am only 28 years old and i'm a public servant( working as integrated science teacher- in one of junior schools in Botswana , i'm looking for a business plan - which will lead me into getting a support from financing agency( CEDA and LEA). i want to grow vegetables such as Tomatoes,green pepper, lettuce, sweet pepper, tomatoes, cucumber, onion etc. i only want 16 hectors ploughing field. i already grow in my 5m by 10m gardens , tomatoes, spinach and rape. i love every thing about it from making compost to picking the produce. please help. I want to create jobs and earn a living from my farm produce.
  • Rajan N said on December 6, 2011
    Dear Sir, I am Rajan N from Mumbai India. I would like to start agriculture/farming in Karnataka Goa or Maharashtra. Kindly advise, Thanks Rajan
  • Jimmy Hudson Jr said on December 10, 2011
    I am a gardener, and I operate 13 acre farm. and I do not have the fund to sustain my operation. I need farm equipment, some help. I do all the gardening without any help. Thinks
  • SITARAM ARUKIA said on December 12, 2011
    I stay in Mumbai,India. I want to start vegetable & herb farming in nearby area either in maharashtra or gujrat accessible by train
  • Tafadzwa said on December 12, 2011
    i'm a farm manager for now want to do my own farming . i need help on which seed to grow onion in January for winter market as green onion
  • Binod Kumar Agarwal said on December 13, 2011
    Dear Sir, Please give few Fresh Green Indian Vegetable & Freh Indian fruts manufacturer name, contat no. list. (Only For All West Bengal) India. And please give name of vegetable & fruits list. Reagrds Trade Link Impex, Kolkata, India. Ph. No.: +91 33 9831602066 E-Mail: binodkumar_agarwal@yahoo.com
  • ravi mahant said on December 19, 2011
    Dear sir, i have required things for organic agriculture. kindly inform
  • N Vijaya bhaskar said on December 21, 2011
    Dear All, I am in production & marketing of vegetable seeds, if any body interested to have a vegetable seeds from me .pl let me know. we offer with high quality & affordable price.
  • mahlori said on December 21, 2011
    Agric advisor, South africa, Limpopo province, Mopani region.I would like to know where are based and what if the farmer want your product can get hold of you in which option are you using like if a farmer is likely to be miles away from your company
  • Ella sandrine said on December 27, 2011
    i would like to start a vegetable farm here in Rwanda , kigali city and i would like to have more information concerning that
  • Nathi said on December 28, 2011
    My aunt was given a land by her mother in the Eastern Cape. The land has been unused for many years and we would like to start producing vegetables. We would like to get some advice as well as getting funding to start up.
  • Nhlanhla Masondo said on January 4, 2012
    My family has been given a land in Umzimkhulu area and it has not been used for so many years and we would like to start a potatoes and poultry farm as soon as possible can you send a sample plan for such enterprise
  • JOSEPHINE OMANI said on January 10, 2012
    I am based in western kenya. I have one acre of land of which i wanted to plant mangoes and use part of it for poultry farming but i don't have funds. please assist me on how to get funding for start up.
  • Mahlako said on January 15, 2012
    I would like to open a chilli farm and already have a land in polokwane, Limpopo. I need people which I can be referred to so that I can learn about chilli farming, if there're any in Limpopo as a whole
  • David said on January 17, 2012
    I want to start some small vegetable farming leading to a bigger one for export. I am in Ghana ,west Africa. I need serious guidelines for start up and growth
  • Amukayia Robinson said on January 18, 2012
    I am a youth based in western part of kenya and I want to start vegetable farming but I am not financially stable. Can there be any assistance materially?
  • isko echano said on January 18, 2012
    i am from southern philippines. i would like to start planting vegetables which are suitable for our rainy province.
  • Jimba Apisah said on January 18, 2012
    hi, I am from Papua New Guinea, I am trying to start up a Potato Farm, have untouched land of more than 50 hectares. Please send a draft of proposal guidelines on how to secure funds for the project. Organization or Individuals who could help fund this Project or further information/ jimbaapisah@gmail.com.
  • MUJEEB said on January 24, 2012
    SIR I belongs from AP india and i have purchased recently 16 acre of fertile land black soil I do not know about water because there was no electricity so people were dependent on rain only and cultivating cotton ajwan, toordal etc now i am planing to get electric and question is what to start need your advise please on my email some people advised me for banana plantation pappaya moringa sugercane etc please advice me thanks.
  • Raymond kumar said on January 30, 2012
    I've 8 acres land in Malaysia , anyone interested in join venture welcome.
  • Gi Dlamini said on February 7, 2012
    Hi I have a 2 acre field with the capacity to irrigate. i am from zimbabwe, located in the matabeleland south province which is mainly ranching area because it is so dry. i have been doing maize but would like to turn that into a vegetable field which would be profitable. pls would u send me a complete plan on how to get started and what i would be able to plant?
  • Watson Siyani said on February 8, 2012
    To whom it may concern . I would like to start small vegetable field I'm based in Matebeleland South province kezi . It's a very dry place but I have means of water supply . So I would like you to help me with means and way how to start utilizing the kind of soil things I can read trough .
  • bhiza said on February 15, 2012
    hello, i'm from swaziland and would like to use the drip irrigation system to irrigate vegetable. My source of water will be from a water tank. Please help me with an appropriate drip irrigation system design. Please also email a quotation if possible. The design is for a one hector area. Thank you
  • wasim lakha said on February 21, 2012
    i want to start a chilly farm plz help me and advise me in boisar(dist) thane MAHARASHTRA
  • Khuthi said on February 28, 2012
    I am 29years old female, born in South Africa in the Western Cape farm lands. I am interested in vegetable garden project(s). My experience in farming vary from small-large scale activities, both organic and inorganic. If u want 2follow yo dreams but need help, lets share ideas. I know this river's channels & its tributaries for free(later offer service deliver to a disadvantaged community) support (skills training,financial, monitoring) services. i dont hv 1 of my own bcoz my surroundings r interested on 'Easy come Easy Go.' #jacqui
  • Christina said on March 3, 2012
    i have 20 acres of land situated in the flat areas of the Lilongwe district on which i want to do fruits and vegetable gardening all year round but has no capacity for irrigation. i would like to start small, please help on what materials are required for irrigating such a size of land. Please advise on possible financial lending institutions who might be interested in providing capital for this kind of investment. help with drip irrigation system design please. thank you.
  • john said on March 7, 2012
    I am a farmer in machakos district, eastern province of kenya. I have a borehole water and i want to start greenhouse farming of vegetables, can i be assisted with finance to start farming john
  • Yakubu W Mssika said on March 17, 2012
    I have a 3acre beautiful Land 100% suitable for vegetable farming with irrigation water(stream)flowing full year round. I have already started farming but very poorly organized because no lack of business plans and crop/farm management techniques. I want advice and guidance on a serious commercial undertaking to become wealthy from this plot. please advice. Regards, Location: Muheza, P.O.BOX 5707, Tanga, Tanzania (E.A).
  • John Wairu said on March 26, 2012
    I am John from Uganda, i have never ventured in vegetable farming but i would love to know how to start and what are the exact requirements for me to undertake vegetable farming. Can some one assist with a business plan on this.
  • Raghunath expert adviser said on March 27, 2012

    @John Wairu, you will have to do a lot of homework. Many questions to answer before you put your first step.

    • How much land you have?
    • Do you have water facility?
    • Do you have boundaries to save the vegetables from animals?
    • Where is your market? Are you targeting to sell in your local market or grow something to export?
    • How much money you have?
    • Do you have sufficient labours to work for you?

    Raghunath Natarajan
    Startup Biz Hub - Advisor (Staff)

  • Tony Lau said on April 2, 2012
    Dear Sir, I am planning to start a vegetable farm and I have 3 hectare of land located in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The land has good quality brown soil. Water is available year round and there is no risk of animals coming into the farm as the surrounding land are also cultivating vegetable. Weather in Chiang Mai is basically divided into 3 period as below :
    1. Cold, Dry - Nov to Feb (Temp 13 - 30 Deg Cel)
    2. Hot, Dry - Mar to Jun (Temp 25 - 36 Deg Cel)
    3. Hot, Wet - Jul to Oct (Temp 23 - 31 Deg Cel)
    I am planning to plant the following vegetables year round by dividing my land into various smaller plot and doing crop rotation
    Chilli, Potato, Pumpkin, Coriander, Red small onion, Spinach
    Please advise as below :
    1. Is it possible to grow the above various types of vegetables year round based on the weather conditions.
    2. How to prepare land for each type of vegetables.
    3. How far apart should each plant be apart from one another.
    4. How often should the vegetables be fertilized and how much per plant.
    Best Regards,
    Tony Lau @ Chiang Mai
  • Charles JOHN said on April 3, 2012
    I have land 5 acre in Pune, Maharashtra, I would like to grow Brocoli, Lettuce, Avocado, and Vegetable. I have finance. I need technical advice and from where I can get seed. Please reply at email: dvrsbusiness@gmail.com
  • benjamin ines said on May 6, 2012
    Dear Sir, I am planning to have a vegetables farm but i dont have enough knowledge about it. I have a 3 hectares but 3/4 is mountain only 1/4 is plain and also I have also 1 hectare its a plain land located between two mountains. I'm looking for your advises what is suitable for it. Thanks and God bless, More Power. benjie Cagayan Valley, Philippines
  • Maseko Nkosinathi said on May 15, 2012
    Good day. Any messages of motivation, wish to enter into vegetable farming applied for funding under the youth development fund. Currently doing my second year of a Diploma in Office Management and Technology. I would appreciate any information about business start-ups. With regard: Concerned in Swaziland.
  • Tendani said on May 21, 2012
    I am working and i just realized that i have to start vegetable farming because our trust won back about 5 farms from restitution and i will like to lease and start vegetable farm in limpopo please help me by advising me how
  • R. Prasad said on May 31, 2012
    Hello. We have 3 acres of agricultural land, on the Khopoli- Pali Road. I am interested in setting up a small scale horticulture project that may include growing vegetables, greens or herbs. Please advise about what crops can be grown in this area as well as the minimum start-up cost of such a project.
  • Abdi Shibru said on June 6, 2012
    Hello, this is Abdi Shibru from Ethiopia. Together with others, we want to start a vegetable farm on a small scale land. Would please propose us with vegetable types adaptive to Ethiopian weather and with higher market demand? Thanks!
  • Turyasingura Hope said on June 25, 2012
    I am very much interested in vegetable growing under greenhouse farming. I am a Ugandan located in Mukono District one of the 112 districts in Uganda,It is not far away from the capital city of Kampala. I need more information on how to access funding especially for the construction of the greenhouses.
  • winie mofokeng said on June 28, 2012
    I am 20 years of age and I am supporting growing farms of which are more than 40 in total i would like to receive some ideas from you guys. they need to grow and be exposed to the public. I believe that with the assistant from they will go places.
  • lina said on July 19, 2012
    Hello , I wish to open an organic vegetable farm in Malaysia located in Selangor area. Is there anyone who could help me out.
  • MALIKI LEMA said on July 21, 2012
    HELLO i plan to open a vegetable farm at mto wa mbu arusha Tanzania i have 10 hectare i plan to drill water the place is very wet also there rice irrigation near by. what kind of veg can i grow in this condition?
  • jack said on August 12, 2012
    hi i am planing to open a vegetable farm at polokwane ,but i don't have place ,what i have is a mind to do that .what must i do ?
  • Poloko Gadifele said on August 21, 2012
    Hi! I am 22years Motswana man looking for a Business plan of Vegetables combined with goat production. Thanks.
  • Thabo mametse said on August 23, 2012
    i have already started with my 30 hectors farm but i don't have money anymore to buy machinery and paying salaries. please help me
  • Jeffrey Dingi said on August 24, 2012
    Hello I am Jeffrey Dingi from in a remote area in Simbu province, Papua New Guinea and have started vegetables farming. I currently working on a proposal to submit to Donors for sponsors. Can you assist me with a sample proposal proposal for vegetables farming. The group will appreciate any capital support from you.
  • Thembi Zwane said on August 24, 2012
    Hi I am Thembi Zwane from Benoni, Gauteng Province in South Africa. My partners and I own a 2Ha vacant plot in this area and would like to start vegetable farming so as to earn income from this as soon as possible. Kindly suggest veggies suitable for this area. Can you also assist with a sample business plan for a venture of this nature that we can use to apply for funding.
  • Yakubu L. Badarawa said on August 29, 2012
    Hi, I am Yakubu from Nigeria.I have 2-plots of land about 3-acres each. one is partially arable with a borehole source of water. The other is highly arable but no source of water beside the annual rainfall. God willing, I want engage in all year round agricultural business. Please advice me.
  • SANJEEV THAKUR said on August 29, 2012
    Hi this is Sanjeev from Faridabad Haryana, I wanted to start professionally organized green vegetable store chain in the city and then away, We need full support staff and financial support to start this. sanjeev
  • Elijah Ndanyi said on August 29, 2012
    Hi I'm Elijah from Kenya. I will like to know which types of vegetables can the climate in Nairobi support and how much can I make annually from the vegetables if i grow in an acre peace of land and which season to grow. Thank you for your enlightenment to the people.
  • Suprise said on September 6, 2012
    Hi! my name is surprise, I'v got a very big land situated in Giyani, Limpopo, RSA,so I want to start using it to grow vegetables but i dnt no where to start in terms of funding,types of veges to grow, actually everything in this regard. Another thing is this land is next to the river where water can be accessed so easily. your help will be highly appreciated
  • matildah kgosiemang said on September 28, 2012
    hi. i am Matildah kgosiemang from Gaborone Botswana. my farm is located in the outskirts of the capital city Gaborone as you head the densely populated village in Botswana called Molepolole, approximately 20km from Gaborone. i want to start commercial vegetable production with 1 hectare. i am kindly requesting for a business plan and please indicate what vegetables to plough. thank you in advance. my mobile numbers are +267 72441655 and +267 71855748
  • Wencelacy Katuka said on October 7, 2012
    I have a 1 hectare plot I want to use for commercial vegetable farming. We are getting a loan of $5000, but for me to get that loan I have to prepare a good business plan which I want you to help me with. I'm from Zimbabwe, Harare but the plot is in masvingo town. We need to fence the area as well as digging a well and building a storeroom. May you please assist me with what we need for the farm as well as the business plan. Zimbabwe, Harare. Student at University of Zimbabwe
  • Seopedi said on October 10, 2012
    Hi, i am a lady of 54 years and own a piece of land for farming measuring 18.9093 hectares. i would like to do hydroponic vegetable farming on it and my intention is to drill a borehole as i have already surveyed water on it. Also there is a dam on it and i would like to make it a bit deeper so that i collect enough rain water as it is shallow right now. Would you please assist with your seed capital to make my dream come true
  • Seopedi said on October 10, 2012
    My email just sent to you refers. i have forgotten to indicate to you that i am in Botswana which is on the southern part of Africa
  • rukayyat lawal said on October 17, 2012
    I am applying to my national government for a grant to start up a vegetable, fish, snail farming. I don't know much about it. I need all the help I can get to get established and also to be a source of labour to my community. Nasarawa state. Karu. Nasarawa state. Nigeria
  • Ndo Mdlalose said on November 26, 2012
    Hi, I am am an aspiring commercial farmer. Am using rented land in the best part of farming in Swaziland. I would really appreciate sample business plans as well as all guidance necessary. I am specializing in tomatoes and peppers. Thx.
  • mzilikazi said on November 28, 2012
    Hello, i would like to plant a hector of cabbage at march next year and i live at lesotho. would it be possible to do that at that time of the year?
  • Donnabee said on December 7, 2012
    I would appreciate any assistance available on starting a fruits and vegetable farm in the Bahamas, Please include steps for land prep.
  • Andrew Y.Y. Zelemen said on December 17, 2012
    I'm working with a group of farmers in Lofa County, Liberia. we are cleaning a farm land that is over 100 acres. we intend to firstly grow rice, after that we want to grow different varieties of vegetable. Would you please help us with some techniques as regards to the growing of vegetables such as: eddoes, potatoes, pepper, gardenegg, bean, etc.
  • Girish patel said on December 22, 2012
    i want to start vegetable farming. pls give me suggestion of plantation, market selling. pls give me organic vegetables agent in our country. India, Gujarat. Mobile No : 9099936588
  • Omo Osagie said on December 24, 2012
    Hello Could you kindly send me a sample business plan for vegetable farming in the South western Nigeria .we have 5 acres land in one area and about 60 acres in another area available and would like to concentrate on potatoes , cabbage, tomatoes, lettuce, onion, corn and spinach for commercial purpose. My email is omoruche@gmail.com Phone; +2348028140654, Omo Osagie
  • Celia said on January 2, 2013
    I am looking for a sponsor to back me in growing vegetables in the Sandton area. I need to employ about 4 people to work on the project. I already have experience and knowledge in growing and maintaining a vegetable garden and also in making compost from a sustainable source. The target market for selling the produce is close at hand. If you are able to advise me - kindly reply to the above. Thank you very much.
  • pallavi said on January 4, 2013
    hello sir i have farm with full of black soil and i want to do vegetable farming so please would you please advice me some vegetable that grow in winter as soon as possible.
  • RADHAKRISHNAN.K said on January 10, 2013
    i am an agricultural officer in a bank in kerala. i wish to start some cultivation in karnataka in share with good farmers there in leased lands or anywhere i have experience cultivating ginger crop in hosanagar in karntaka which is a bad experience so i want to share with a good farmer
  • mathenyane jacob said on January 22, 2013
    I have been planting over 3 years now, and selling my fruits and vegetables around botshabelo but unfortunately I haven't achieved anything yet. and i do know how to grow my business but the thing is i really need your help to make it successful.....so can you help me?.....
  • Otaro said on January 24, 2013
    I am a vegetable supplier to various schools in Mumias East Constituency. I face the problem of high prices of supplies more so over the dry period/ season and at times supply at a loss just to honour the tender requirements. i want to start my own vegetable farm in mid 2013 to cut on my expenses, increase my sales to other areas given the demand and a wider sales region. i want to give back to my community. i want assistance in the requisite technology as well as financial provision either by way of grant or subsdized loans to further my plan. Any assistance will be highly welcome and appreciated. Thanks! Resident Mumias,Kakamega County, Kenya
  • Fayankinnu olabisi vincent said on January 29, 2013
    Pls, I need 2000 ha of land in any part of Ijebu land or Remo for commercial vegetable farm. Contact Jointheirs AgriGLOBE on +2348030411172 or olabisifayankinnu@yahoo.com. Ogijo, Ogun State, Nigeria
  • Assadullah Bismil said on January 29, 2013
    Hello dear all, I am from Afghanistan and want to start a chicken farm in my city Jalalabad in Afghanistan. the climate here is 3 months very hot summer and 3 month cold winter, but no snowing and 6 month very normal and better weather as Sping. I want to have small form of chicken to start from 1000 chicks. Will you please guide me on this regards. Warm regards, Assadullah Bismil
  • S. B.Rao said on February 12, 2013
    Dear Sir or Madam, I am interested to take up the vegetable cultivation in three acres around Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India. Please arrange to send the action plant/ calendar suitable for our area. With regards, S. B. Rao
  • N.A.NIZAMUDDIN said on February 17, 2013
    dear sir/mam, we want off season veg cultivation ( capsicum, chilli,) at west bengal south 24 p.g.s.district please send your technical advise. regards, nizamuddin
  • tej singh thakur said on February 25, 2013
    i am having land about 2 acres in kullu dist of hp state in north india. want to grow vegetables pl guide. thanks
  • Chris said on March 2, 2013
    I have a vast idle land in Mpumalanga, South Africa. I would like to embark on vegetable farming and intend to export my produce. Please assist.
  • Mohammed Halim beginner adviser said on March 5, 2013
    Hello, @Chris contact me to my email rsps7788@yahoo.com if you are interested for joint venture.

    rsps7788@yahoo.com || Expert

  • Lydia Amanka said on March 6, 2013
    I have a quarter acre of land in Ngong, Nairobi county, Kenya. Am planning to grow capsicums would you please assist me with a business plan?
  • Maseko Nkosinathi said on March 7, 2013
    I plan to open a vegetable project in the rural area of Maphalaleni, Swaziland. I lack funding but have the experience of running such business. Another problem is how to break into the market, also how to network with other vegetable farmers. Any assistance of some sort?
  • aman said on March 8, 2013
    i have 9 acres of land in punjab suggest me which vegetables will give me much profit and which vegetables can be sold easily and in larger quantity.


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