Low Maintenance Plants for Landscaping

Landscaping is one way of making the lawn attractive. It can also reduce the maintenance cost such as watering needs and many others.

However, it is important to choose low maintenance plants for landscaping to reduce the cost.

What are the Low Maintenance Plants?

The good thing about using low-maintenance plants in landscaping is that it can be easily grown and does not necessarily need constant tending. This kind of plants can easily adapt to any type of soil and there is less requirement of water. Despite of the fact that those are low maintenance plants it can still make the yard sparkle. However, you should make a plan of the low maintenance plants that you will use in landscaping. Here are some of the low-maintenance plants that you can choose. Nevertheless, it is required to consider the hardiness zone map in order to determine the right kind of low maintenance plants that you should include in landscaping.

There are endless choices of low maintenance plants that you can choose. As much as possible you should select perennial plants as it can last for more than a couple of years. One of the plants that you can choose is the jack in the pulpit. This is a low maintenance plant that grows about 3 feet tall with glossy leaves and green flowers. It can thrive in moist or wet soil that makes it easy to cultivate and grow. Likewise, you can also choose purple coneflower that grows fast. This perennial plant can grow up to 3 feet tall with purple flowers that look like daisies. It can be grown in any type of soil with sufficient supply of sunlight. However, it can also thrive even in drought and propagation is through root division.

Do you know about iron plant? It is another choice of low maintenance plant that you can include in landscaping. It can easily grow even in drought area but can also thrive in shady places. On the other hand, it can also be grown in moist yet well drained soil as well as in dry soil. Another plant available for landscaping is lyreleaf sage. A perennial plant that is ideal to grow in the landscape as it can attracts hummingbirds and butterflies. It is a low maintenance plant and is drought tolerant. It can grow in any types of soil under a full sun or even in light shady condition.

Aside from growing low maintenance plants in the landscape, there are other ways on how you can reduce the cost of landscaping yet expect for a better result. All you have to do is hire a person who is an expert in landscaping. Explain what you want your landscape to look like as well as the budget that you can afford. Consider some alternatives for plants and other factors that are expensive.


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