Growing Chestnuts

In starting a farm of chestnuts, you should know how to distinguish the three kinds of chestnuts.

It is ideal that you know something about the tree that you are planting so that you can grow them very well with proper care.

Kinds of Chestnuts


This is the original kind of chestnuts. They belong to the group of castanea. This is a kind of 8 or 9 sorts of deciduous trees as well as shrubs in the Fagaceae beech family, found in the temperate areas of Northern Hemisphere.

Horse Chestnuts

This kind of chestnut is generally utilized in Europe as a cure for CVI or chronic venous insufficiency. This is a disorder that may incorporate leg pain, leg swelling, varicose veins, skin ulcer, and itching.


It originated its unappealing name from a displeasing odor produced from crushed leaves, flowers, bruised bark or broken twigs.


In farming chestnuts, you should distinguish the three kinds of this tree. The most common is the chestnut or catanea. This is important because the two other kinds of this nut have a poisonous. You should not grow those kinds of nuts if you intend to grow them and sell them for food. You must know the environment where the chestnuts can be grown. If your location is not suit to grow a chestnut, do not push the issue. You will just waste your efforts and your money if you will push the issue of farming chestnuts while your location is not suit for growing such plant. But, if your location is suit for growing chestnuts, then make sure to take care of the trees so that by the time you will be harvesting already, you will harvest more. It is nice to harvest more assets than liabilities in this kind of farming. After harvesting, you should season the nuts for several times to remove the moisture from the trees and also to remove molds that formed in it when it is already being shipped. There will be a good return of income if you grow the nuts well and correctly. It is important that you know the basic procedures on how to grow these kinds of nuts, the chestnuts, because they are not so usual. They need enough attention to grow. Every kind of plant would need enough attention so that the harvesting period will get more fruits of the labor you gave it. Roasting is the most well-accepted way of cooking chestnuts. Never try to roast chestnuts unless 1 or 2 holes have been perforated in every shell. If it will not be perforated, the increase of steam pressure inside the shell may cause the nut to explode, with great noise and power. In roasting chestnuts with the use of a fire, it’s safe to make use of a covered utensil that has a long handle.


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