Cucumber Farming

If you want to start your own cucumber farm, you will need to find out the growth requirements of the plants. The vines love rich soil and prior to sowing, you must apply organic matter.

The vines should be watered once a week and you should have well drained soil.

Have you ever considered growing cucumber? These luscious greens can make salads tasty and attractive. If you had success in growing these plants in the past, you might want to start your very own cucumber farm. There is no such thing as miracle solution to grow these plants but if you know the requirements, you can ensure great harvests. The good news is that these vines are easy to cultivate. Being in the family of cucurbitaceous, it likes well drained soil like the squashes and melons. You can eat this fresh or you can also make pickles.

Growing Cucumber

The cucumbers that can be eaten fresh are called the slicing varieties but if you want to make pickles, you will need to grow the pickling variety. If you have a large farm, you can grow both. People love cucumbers because it is good or the nails, hair, and skin. You will need to pick a great location for the farm. It would be ideal if the farm gets a lot of sunshine and warmth and if possible, having a greenhouse is ideal. You can put off the greenhouse if you’re just starting out and have limited capital.

To prepare the soil, you will need organic compost. Put it on the soil and use a spade to cultivate the soil. As mentioned earlier, the soil should be well drained. You have to make beds that are raised around six inches. The cucumbers will thrive in rich soil. You will need seedling pots during sowing season. Make sure that each seedling is spaced 40cm. Each hole should have at least three seeds, and should be 2.5cm in depth. You can also sow the seeds in rows with 90cm spacing. With enough ground space, the vines can crawl on the ground but you can also use a trellis or stakes.

Make sure that you remove the weeds carefully so you won’t damage the roots of the cucumber. Every week, you will need to water the plants to make them firm and juicy. The fruits usually contain a lot of water. Learn to distinguish the male and female flowers. You can increase the chances of bearing fruit by helping with pollination. Use a cotton bud to transfer the pollens from the male flowers to the female. As you can see, this will require patience and time. If your farm is a bit large, you will need to hire extra help. Once the flowers appear, you can now do your job and help with the pollination process.


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  • GURMEET SINGH said on January 9, 2012
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  • Rebecca said on August 20, 2012
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  • c.hariharan,haritha organic farms said on April 16, 2013
    i am a farmer in kerala ,india .three years experience in green house farming in tropical conditions the temp: 33to36 degree humidity 60to 85% .the new ideas in cucumber cultivation details please share .my green house 2000 sqmt cucumber parthinocarpic varity ,yield 20 tons.soil cultivation. thanking you. c.hariharan
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  • Mansoor Ahmad Khan said on March 13, 2014
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  • John said on April 10, 2015
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  • micah beginner adviser said on October 11, 2016
    Pls for those of u asking of cucumber disease the name is mosaic virus that the most common disease of cucumber and for those who need any type of seed be it cucumber watermelon tomatoes and many more i supply them just call +2348160518689

    +2348160518689 | Farming Expert, Nigeria

  • Simbarashe said on December 6, 2016
    Tell me the chemical to treat the disease I'm in mount Darwin zimb


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