Pig Farming Facts

Pig farming is one of the profitable businesses that are ideal to start. It does not require big amount of start up capital yet requires adequate knowledge.

The best thing to do is to learn about the pig farming facts.

Pig farming is an activity that can either be a hobby or a start of a business venture. This kind of activity is flourishing anywhere not only in countryside but also in city areas and town. The good thing about pig farming is that it can be done even at the back yard. However, before starting to raise pigs it is necessary to ensure that it would not affect your neighbors especially the smell of the pig pens. In pig farming the most important thing to think about is the environmental considerations. This means that when starting pig farming proper waste disposal is of utmost importance.

Choosing Piglets and the Proper Nutrition

If you want to start pig farming you should know how to choose piglets to raise. It is ideal to buy piglets from producers and stock breeders. On the other hand, you can also obtain piglets from auctions as well as classified ads but you should be extra careful. You should keep in mind that different pig breeds are suited for different specific environment either indoor or outdoor. If you will choose crossbred pigs you should expect that you will consume more feeds as it grows faster and vigorous. You should buy healthy looking feeder that weighs at least 25 pounds. Likewise, when buying male pig you should get the castrated one. Make sure to buy piglets that are already immunized.

In like manner, another important fact to be considered in starting pig farming is the proper nutrition. It is not enough just to feed the pigs with left over foods. It is necessary to feed them with both meat and grains. However, if you will feed them with left over make sure to cook them along with vegetables. As much as possible you should include in the diet soybeans and cooked meat. Likewise, in order to grow faster you should feed the pigs with other supplements and vitamins. Keep in mind that it is necessary to feed adequate protein to piglets as compared to mature ones.

Ideal Environment and Sanitation

The ideal housing for pigs should provide them comfort in any temperature and weather condition. If ever you housed the pigs indoor make sure that the temperature is regulated. Likewise, individual pens, stalls or barns are ideal when housing the pigs indoor. Another important consideration is to provide enough space for bedding and feeding and ensure that the pigs should be free from disease. In this sense, it is significant to uphold proper sanitation in the pig farm. As much as possible you should maintain proper waste disposal system.


  • Maureen said on December 27, 2012
    I deal in pig farming located in Kabale district ,south western region-uganda. I need advise on proper feeding and nutrition.
  • Mzwandile Ngidi said on December 11, 2013
    Hi I'm from South Africa in Durba - would like to start the pig farming business. I have already built a 22 sows structure and I have exhausted all my money. I have attended a 2 weeks course on pig farming. Business. I need to have funding from an interested business.
  • solomon said on December 25, 2013
    Hi am Solomon 24 years from Ghana I have a good knowledge of pig farming have my land and structure but do not have the needed amount of funds needed to start the business, since the market here is very good. This is my number 0249923138 will e glad if I will get somebody to partner or inverst I the farm.thank you
  • Mbulelo Mgudlwa said on January 2, 2014
    I want to be a pig farmer in Meyerton JHB. I have large White piglets


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