How to Build a Fish Farm

If you have always loved taking care of fishes because of the kind of satisfaction they give you, why don’t you try to make money from them also? This 2011 is the right year for you to double you earnings through making a fish farm because this is one of the most in demand niches today in the agriculture niche.

Through this article, you can already make your dreams come true because of the fact that building a fish farm is just so easy.

How to make a Fish Farm?

Since farm-raised animals are considered to be healthier and more free from chemicals, more and more people just prefer to buy them. This implies that if you were able to raise a large amount of fishes, you can also earn a large sum of money in just a short time. A fish farm does not have to be large. In fact, you can start in just a small pond at your backyard. To get started in this business venture, the following are the things you need: pool or pond, net, fish food and water aerator having charcoal filter.

Steps to Build a Fish Farm

The first thing you need to do is to fill an area with water from the garden hose. It must have a measurement of 10 ft x 10 ft. The bottom part must be packed with dirt to make sure that it won’t drain. In addition, it must also be exposed to sunlight so that the right average of the water can be achieved.

Next, the aerator with filter must be installed. Through these equipments, the water will be kept oxygenated and the right pH balanced can also be maintained. The aerator just needs to be plugged into a power source and connected to a hose that brings the water in and out. For them to operate consistently, you need to wait for a week.

After the pond has already been prepared, the next thing for you to do is look for a reputable fish supplier where you will purchase your fish from. If you would like to produce lots of fishes in the quickest time possible, your choice could be tilapia fingerlings. Looking for this breed is just so easy because of the fact that there are lots of suppliers. Other popular fish that you can choose are catfish and trout. In looking for the right fish that you will breed, make sure that it is the one that it is the one that will match your taste and budget.

After having them, you need to place them in the pond and take good care of them by feeding them the right kind of fish food. After weeks of caring for them, you will notice that they are already matured. So, place them in the pond and harvest them by using a strong net.


  • Josy said on May 23, 2011
    I want to start a small business by renting a Tractor to farm in Coorg district. I have been told there is good income in this venture. Please can you advise .. Thanks
  • dhanabalan said on November 6, 2011
    hai i want to make small fish farm i do not know about this can u advice pls i am at tamilnadu pudukkottai dt . thanks.
  • fFlorence lopez said on September 26, 2012
    I have about an acre fond in the philippines I'm looking for a supplier locally.
  • Leo said on December 25, 2012
    Hello to everyone, well i want to get in to a fish farm business but, i do not know anything, any of you can give me an advise, is welcome, by the way i live in Central America right where the business is going to be, just for your acknowledge. thanks
  • musa said on October 20, 2013
    Am planning to make a fish farm in my crop farm which is getting water for irrigation from the river. Am planning to make a pond for the water of irrigation and breed fish in it, and from the same pond am planning to irrigate my crops so the water will be changing continuously, in this case do I need a filter and oxygen generator? can an expert answer me?
  • Musthafa said on December 22, 2017
    @Leo Hello Sir, If you want any help reach me +9609999529 Would be a pleasure doing business.


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