Growing Butterfly Bushes for Money

If you want to earn some money even without leaving your home or yard, you can start planting butterfly bushes. This plant has attractive foliage and you can plant them on the empty spaces of your yard.

The foliage can be used as herb and to make money, you simply have to sell them.

Butterfly Bushes for Money

If you’re looking for a fast growing plant, you can start growing butterfly bushes. During early spring, you can start planting and you will already see large flowers during summer. You will still love the green bush during fall when the leaves of trees have started to wilt. These plants are great for your decks and for empty spaces that require lattice work. Since the plants grow quickly, you will enjoy the dense foliage. You can grow butterfly bushes in different color varieties like yellow, purple, pink, and white.

Regions with warmer climate are great for growing the butterfly bush. The good thing about this plant is that it is not prone to diseases even if it attracts a lot of birds, butterflies, praying mantis, and bees. You can make money from the plant’s foliage since it has herbaceous properties. It would be best to plant the bush on the south side to ensure great blossoms. Growing this perennial plant is quite easy as long as you know the planting requirements.

How to Grow Butterfly Bush

You can propagate the bush from cuttings. You have two options for planting the cuttings – using rooting hormone or planting it directly on the soil. Oftentimes, the first option is better and will give you more foliage. If you plant it on potting soil, you should avoid direct sunlight. Morning sun is enough and you have to ensure that the soil is moist at all times; avoid overwatering because this can lead to rotting of the roots. The blooms will stay on the plant until the frost comes. When the foliage is ready to harvest, you can now sell them at the local market. With several plants on your yard, you can harvest many herbs and sell them at a reasonable price.

Now, you will not only enjoy the various colors of flowers on your yard but you will also have a chance to earn money. It is possible to grow these bushes for money. With the right knowledge and planting skills, you can have butterfly bushes all year long. Check out the local nursery in your area and purchase cutting of the bush. The seller can educate you and provide some tips on how to grow the plant. You can even conduct an online search to gather relevant information. If you have a large garden, you can plant other flowering plants and herbs. That way, you have other plants to sell aside from the butterfly bushes.

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