Growing Camellias

If you want to grow camellias, it is important that you know the planting requirements. The plant loves partial shade, a little water, slightly acidic soil, fertilizer, and proper care.

With the right knowledge and skills, you can grow as many camellias as you want depending on the size of your land or yard.

Growing Camellias on Your Yard

There are many ways to earn money and one is through growing camellias. With the right care, you can grow camellias in containers any time of the year. You can take out the containers during fall and spring when the frost has already disappeared. This plant doesn’t like full sun and prefers partial shade or filtered sun. You can easily tell if the plant is getting too much sunshine because the leaves turn yellow than deep green. You can place the containers of the camellias in corners or patios. It is also ideal as a stand alone plant.

Before planting, you have to check the soil’s pH level. Camellias prefer slightly acidic soil, loamy, and sandy. To grow outdoors, you have to ensure that the bed is higher than the ground by two feet. You need to ensure that the soil has good drainage. You can add pine barks into the soil since it holds air and the roots of the plant can attach with ease. Determine the ideal spacing requirements for the specie of camellia that you’re planting. In most cases, the plants should be 8 ft apart. You will have to ensure that the root ball of the plant stays on top of the soil by placing a pedestal. These plants don’t like too much water so you have to water the plant when the soil is dry. This plant is not difficult to grow and then the plants have matured, you can now sell them.

Camellias for Sale

When the plants have flowers, you can sell them at the local market. You can even post a sign outside your home that you’re selling camellias. This is a great way to earn money and with a green thumb, you can easily grow many potted plants that you can sell later on.

Why don’t you recommend the plant to friends and relatives? They may be able to help you in selling the plants with ease. The flowers are quite attractive and if you take them to the market place, you can sell them with ease. Choose attractive pots as well to make the plants presentable enough. Determine the selling price of the camellias. Find out the local pricing of the plant and check if it’s enough to give you profits. You spent money when you bought the plant and you’ve invested effort in caring for it. With the right pricing, you will have a great source of income in no time. Start growing camellias today!


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