Plum Farming Business

If you want to start a plum farming business, you will need to know the growth requirements. Plums are easy to grow. With a large land space, you can now grow your own farm.

You will not only love the beautiful blossoms but you can sell the juicy fruits as well.

Starting a Plum Farming Business

There are individuals who are interested in planting and in managing their own farms. If you’re one of those lucky people out there with a green thumb, it would be a great idea to enter the plum farming business. Aside from the delicious, fleshy, and juicy fruits that you can harvest, your farm will truly shine out during spring because of the blossoms. The farm can become a visual treat to passersby. You can reap benefits after a few years and the good news is that growing plum is quite easy.

What are your farm’s needs? By identifying your needs, you will be able to choose the right tree. Plum trees come in different varieties. If space is a problem, you can plant the dwarf varieties. These trees can grow to a maximum of 2.5 meters. Other plum trees can grow really tall and will reach around eight meters. For a farm of plum trees, it’s best to choose the ones that are not susceptible to pests and diseases. With a large farm area, you can plant different varieties, so you can foster pollination.

Growing Plum Trees

The best time to plant plums is early spring or late autumn. October is the ideal month to do this because the trees love full sun. Choose an area where they get plenty of sunlight. A well drained soil is good but you will have to ensure the soil is not dried. The area should be prepared at least one month before the planting time. You have to put organic fertilizer or bone meal. You will need to support the plum trees with stakes for the succeeding two years. You can tie the stem of the tree to the stake using plastic. Like any other tree, plums need watering, pest control, fertilizing, and pruning.

Pruning is very important. You have to do it properly to ensure optimum growth. You can do this during fall. All dead stems should be removed, so sunlight can reach the branches. You also need to provide adequate nutrition. Feed the trees with fertilizer. You can put it on the ground or you can spray it. Regular watering is also important. You can do this weekly or every ten days. Be sure to check the trees for pests and you can use food-safe pesticides. Now that you know the growth requirements, you will be able to have a healthy plum farm with beautiful blossoms every spring. The fruits can be sold after harvest season. If you want, you can also sell seedlings.


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