Cilantro Farming

If you want to sell cilantro leaves and seeds, you will need to find a suitable area where you can grow them. The herb loves full sun but the farm should provide for afternoon shade.

In eight weeks, you can already harvest the seeds. The leaves can be harvested when the plants have already reached 6 inches.

Cilantro Farming Tips

Do you love South Western or Tex-Mex dishes? If you do, then you probably love cilantro. This is an herb that contains a distinctive flavor. The plant’s seeds are called coriander and it can be used as food seasoning. Growing cilantro can be challenging but if you know what you’re doing, you can succeed in managing your own cilantro farm. These plants grow quickly. To maintain the crops and ensure regular harvest, you can have to plant in sections every three weeks. Seeds start to develop once the roots reach 75˚. The farm should get a lot of sun. You also need to choose a location that provides afternoon shade.

You can start harvesting the leaves when the plant is already around six inches. The outer leaves should be cut first and don’t cut the smaller ones to allow further growth. You have to monitor the plants regularly since they grow quickly. It will take 2-3 leaf harvests before the seeds will grow. Harvest the seeds and allow them to dry out. You can sell the seeds or you can replant them on your farm. The cilantro leaves are best used when fresh because dried ones lose their flavor. Sell the leaves and the seeds at the local market to earn some profits. You can place the seeds in special packages, as well as the leaves together with contact information for the farm.

How to Grow Cilantro

Each plant should be a few inches apart and should be ¼ inches deep. The growing season for cilantro is spring to fall. The heat can encourage the development of seeds. Because of the summer sun, you have to keep the soil moist by regular watering. A well drained soil is ideal and you have to provide compost or mulch on the garden bed. It will provide soil nutrients and the same time, it can also protect the roots of the plant.

To encourage leaf growth, you should trim off the flowers. The energy of the sun will again be directed to the leaves. The seeds will mature faster an in a couple of weeks, new crops will grow. You have harvest cilantro in a matter of eight weeks. Growing this plant is quite easy. Learn the basics and the growth requirements so that your farm will thrive. Visit the local nursery and purchase seeds or you can get seedlings. The nursery staffs can provide you with some farming tips. The good news is that the seeds fwill re-sow once they are mature which can save you a lot of time and effort.


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