Selling Petunias Plant and Seed for Money

Petunias are usually grown for their beautiful trumpet shaped flowers that come in many different colors including pink, purple red, blue, white and crimson.

They are best grown during the summer but are also very popular during autumn.

Other varieties of the petunia flower are fringed with another color or striped. Some petunia flowers are grown in flower beds while others are more suited in pots for greenhouses. They are grown mainly for decorative and display purposes.

The petunias are grown from seeds in either plant boxes or direct soil for flowerbeds. When grown in plant boxes or pots, the seedlings should first be planted in 3 inch pots then transferred to the 7 inch pots. It is best to keep them well fertilized and exposed to lots of sunlight since the species is mostly tropical perennials. They bloom all throughout summer and therefore may need some pruning and deadheading to ensure strong and healthy growth of the flowers.

To decide which variety of petunia you would wish to grow for profit, you must first analyze their growth environment. Make sure that the area is well suited for flower bearing plants and can only encourage the growth of the plant more. When grown from seed, they are very slow growers. However, they may be well monitored if they are grown as seeds and the adequate pruning and trimming may be adapted. Though they enjoy the summer heat they do not want to be kept dry rather in a moist, cool environment. Too much water however will allow the plant to be too leggy, which is having too much stem with little to no flowers.

Take note also of the possible dangers and diseases that the plant may concur during its growth. Petunias are usually susceptible to gray mold and soft rot, aphids and budworm caterpillars. After considering the growth, maintenance and overall health of your flowering plants, you may now think about how you plan to profit out of all the produce. Petunias are usually sold because of their beautiful trumpet shaped flowers. Therefore having a partnership with a local flower shop or with gardens and nurseries nearby will allow you the opportunity to canvas for prices and ensure that you will be able to sell your constant supply to a particular business. It is best to start with one or two flower shops to benefit from your sales, however you may continually expand to other businesses once you have settled down.

Once you have set up your area with all the necessary produce planted, you may now consider on working on the documentation of all the funds spent on this business. It is going to cost a considerable amount of money which you may obtain from banks or financial firms if you do not initially have the cash on hand. Just make sure that you will be able to reap the profits in time to pay off your debts. You would not want to invest on more than you can afford or else you will face a grueling financial deficit.


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