Growing Chamomile

If you want to grow chamomile, this is really easy but you will need enough yard space or vacant land.

You should know the growth requirements of the plant so that you can have healthy plants that will give healthy flowers which you can sell in the local market. Start planting today.

Planting Chamomile for Money

Chamomile is not only a popular annual flower but it is also known as a great tea herb. Did you know that you can also plant chamomile for money? If you have enough yard space or a vacant land and your region is ideal for growing this herb, you will surely find it easy to plant and harvest chamomile. Among the things you will need are garden spades, mulch, seeds, fertilizers, plants, trowels, and compost makers. You have to make sure that the land has well drained rich soil and full sun.

You have to get green healthy plants without any signs of disease or wilting. Don’t get the ones with flowers so that the plant will have a better chance to develop their roots. You will need lots of compost. If you get seedlings, you can plant them during mid fall or spring and each herb should ne spaced around six inches. This will give your yard or land space a carpet0like cover but if you are going to focus on growing the chamomile for flowers or herb, you will need to space each plant around 18 inches.

Other Pointers to Observe

You have to monitor the moistness of the soil. It should always be kept moist and you can do this through mulching. To encourage blooms, you have to occasionally shear it or just trim the flowers which have faded. Why don’t you ask at the local nursery about a slow-release fertilizer that you can use for growing chamomile? If one is not available, you can fertilize every month or every 6 weeks. When the frost has already fallen on the plants, you can tear out the ones that have faded. If you currently have perennial types (Roman Chamomile), you can cut them back to 2-3 inches.

If you live in a region where the summer temperatures don’t exceed 100˚F, you will surely be able to grow the chamomile with ease. You can plant as many chamomiles as possible so that you can sell the rest after harvest season. During mid summer, you can already see white or yellow flowers. You can harvest the flowers and sell them in the local market. These flowers can be turned into tea which can used to soothe the digestive system especially upset stomachs. Determine the reasonable pricing for your chamomile flowers. Don’t make it too pricey or you won’t be able to attract customers. You can grow the herb in your own yard or you can find an ideal location elsewhere.

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