How to Build a Farm Pond

Building a farm pond can be a simple task if you follow certain procedures and certain principles in building.

You should be able to know the proper way to start and build your own farm pond.

Tips on How to Build a Farm Pond

The system used in building a farm pond is almost similar to building a house. The principles are almost the same. Building a farm pond is more than just filling your dug farm pond with water as well as fish. You must know the different steps in building a proper farm pond to be able to earn money from it in the future. There are a few things that you need to consider before starting to build a farm pond.

Inspect and Check the Soil and the Area

The topography where you want to build your farm pond must be right. It is very important to choose a location where the water can be easily locked away. One ideal place to build a farm pond is the site where there is a constructed dam slanting over the constricted part within the steep dale. You should be able to know where your water supply will be coming. The water supply must not be too much so it may come from springs, or wells, etc. Also, the farm pond must be big and can sustain the level of water during the dry months. The soil should be able to hold water so that it will not seep back under the earth. It must be dense and the best soil is the clay (sandy, muddy, or sedimentary). Inspect carefully the soil or your farm pond will fail.

Determine the Depth and Size and Build according to Plan

The right depth and size of the farm pond will depend by your needs. A small yet deep farm pond is excellent on pure fishing concept. While is the farm pond is for the agricultural irrigation source then you should build a big and wide one. This type of pond is also very suitable for swimming, hunting, and boating. Just keep in mind that shallow waters must be avoided because it can cause algae infestation that is bad for the environment.

After the above mentioned steps are done, you could start building your farm pond. Just make sure that you hire a professional builder of farm pond and hire as many helpers as your budget can so that it will be done in just a short time and the building will be more efficient too. These steps will complete your farm pond and you just need to maintain its perfect built so that you could benefit from it in a long time.


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    I have a catfish farm which i just started on dec.15 2009 and i sold my first set by Apr 2010 because of high cost of feeding , About 4 months a go i started the second set which is 4 month plus old .i have spend a lot of money so far in feed them from my looking they are not growing the way i think they should advice is needed because i will be retiring in two years and this will be my retiring business.
  • vimal said on March 22, 2011
    i have shrimp farm started 3yrs but not profit i want new ideas for use that pond kodungallore kerala india
  • Ezechinyere said on November 25, 2011
    am about to start a catfish farm pond in bayelsa state. am to start d pond construction by monday. i have taken all survey and is good now i need advice on type of fish to put, best way to feed and beat means to high yield.
  • Iyaji I Paul said on October 5, 2012
    I am planning to start catfish pond in kogi state, I need your advice on quality for water best for catfish. Because I have a well by the side
  • Mohammad Akif said on May 10, 2013
    I want to start fisheries with the capacity of 100 nos of mangur fish. Please advice the dimension of the pond. I want the fish to become of 1kg weight in just three months, please advice the details of required feed. The pond would be located in Tribeniganj subdivision of supaul district in Bihar. with thanks and regards, Mohammad Akif 8425034949/9939837253
  • lebo Tshabas said on June 3, 2013
    I want to start a tilapia farming, please i need a business plan
  • Nathan Mukuyu Chiwaridzo said on January 15, 2015
    I'm situated in rural Zvimba in Zimbabwe 4km from a Growth Point and 40km in between two small towns and 85km from the capital city , Harare .I need to start a tilapia farming business . Please help with a business plan .


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