How to Build a Farm Gate

Farm gates are important part of a farm fence. The gate would keep the farm secure.

You can build a farm gates with different materials that you prefer.

Owning a farm is not an easy thing. You need to secure and keep all your farm animals in proper pasture. That is why it is crucial to build a farm fence and it would not be complete without a farm gate. The farm gate may serve as the main entrance to the farm where you can have easy access getting into and out of the farm. There are different materials available that you can use in building a gate. One of the commonly used materials is the wood. Here are some of the instructions to follow in building a wooden farm gate:

Measure and Cut

Before you cut the woods or lumber, you need to measure first the gate opening. Give allowance for the gate post and the gate itself so that it can swing freely. You can measure the board by laying it in the gate opening. The next thing to do is to determine the materials you will use in making the farm gate. As much as possible you should build the same material as the fence. When you use the same materials in building the fence and the gate you can have the chance to save though you will need to purchase larger amounts of materials. On the other hand, you can build farm gates from scratch materials that have been used from other projects. In this way you can cut the cost.

Building the Gate

Building economical farm gate is one of the main considerations of many farmers. If the fence of your farm is made of wire, then you can cut cost as you can build an economical gate. All you have to do is is to attach one end of the wire to one post and the other end to another gate post not fix in the ground. You can use movable wire loops in fastening the post to allow the gate swung. On the other hand if you will use wooden farm gate make sure to use treated lumber. You can fasten the lumber by using deck screws or nails. Use lumber that can effectively hold the livestock in the farm. If there are unused gates in the farm you can make use of it instead of purchasing materials. Compare the prices of materials from different stores so that you can obtain the less expensive hardware.

Maintain the Farm Gate

Obviously, livestock can ruin the farm fence as well as the gates. It is important to replace the damaged part immediately and do not wait for the whole gate to sag. As much as possible you should maintain the farm gates so that you can cut the cost for replacement.


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