Cold Water Fish Farming

One needs to follow some important tips for cold water fish farming like which kind of fish to grow, what they prefer to eat and conditions required for their living. This farming is a seven days a week work and is performed almost throughout the year.

Some types of fish raised on cold water are Lake Trout, Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Arctic Grayling. They have different needs to be met.

Cold water fish farming can be interesting if you have interest in raising fish and starting a business. It is said to be quite inexpensive and if done in the right manner can turn out to be a profitable venture.

Cold water fish farming is said to be quite ideal for small and rural communities. There are some of the kinds of fish which grow well in cold water, but some essential conditions have to be met.

When you start with the fish farming it is very important for you to know on how much level you wish to start the farming business as well as the type of fish which can grow well in cold water. You also have to select the method that is helpful in aeration- blowers, compressors or fountains and agitators. Most of the time aeration is regarded as the preferred method because it helps to reduce oxygen stress of fish.

Some of the most common types of fish to be grown in cold water include Lake Trout, Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Arctic Grayling, Arctic Char, Splake and many more such varieties.

In cool deep lakes of Alaska, Maine and Wisconsin the trout fish farming is one of the favorite activities because some of the fish varieties grow well in cold water. Some of the rivers which remain cold all throughout the year or there are more of rapids and falls, also have such fish farming culture.

Fish rearing which is done in cold water is basically a seven day week work and done almost 24 hours a day. Thus throughout the year it is undertaken. Even visitors can visit these hatcheries.

In cold water fish grows on a slow level but are long living fish types. Some can live for many years. The small lake trout mainly feed on planktons but the larger trout mainly prefer to feed on small fish. The eggs of lake trout are hatched basically in the month of mid February and March. They sometimes even move to rocky areas of lakes to lay eggs. Rainbow trout are yet another fish variety to be grown in cold water. These may eat almost anything which is present or given to them. In order to lay eggs, they prefer gravel beds.


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