Tilapia Backyard Farming

Tilapia backyard farming is a good start if you want to start a business. Almost 70 countries all over the world engage in tilapia culture.

Thus, it is necessary to know and learn the basics of tilapia backyard farming as well as other method.

On Raising Tilapias

Nowadays, tilapia can be found from restaurants to supermarkets. This means that raising tilapia is an ideal business to start as there is an existing market. However, it is not that easy as you think to start tilapia farming. It is important to know and learn the basic requirements and ideas in raising tilapia. In this way you can ensure to obtain maximum yield. Tilapia is one of the many species of fish that is shipped to different countries throughout the world. The good thing about tilapia is that it can be sold either in the market or even right at your backyard.

The simplicity or complexity of raising tilapia in the backyard depends on the strategy used by the breeder. Nevertheless, the important factor about tilapia farming is the idea of controlling the water quality as well as the food supply as it plays major role in the production. Buying tilapia fingerlings is the first step when starting tilapia farming. Feeding tilapia is very easy because they feed on different foods. However, if you want them to be healthy giving them few vegetables, meat, pellets and aquatic plants is a better idea. In addition, there are different ways of raising tilapia as they can grow in ponds, cages and tanks. If you have small capital, you can start tilapia farming through pond culture as it requires lesser investment. Yet, you should keep in mind that the profitability of your farm depends on the production. Thus, using the right system of raising tilapia is the challenge to every breeder.

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Pond Culture

Tilapia farming in the backyard is the most common way of raising tilapia. It is because it would only cost you small amount of investment in constructing the pond. You can use net enclosures or cages so that it would be easy for you to collect and grow the fry. The drawback of backyard tilapia farming is that there is a tendency for overpopulation. This would put pressure that would result to retardation of growth to the maximum potential.

If you are planning to start tilapia farming you should consider the parameters in fish farming. You should keep in mind to maintain the required level of carbon dioxide, dissolved oxygen, nitrogen compound and pH in the water and the temperature. These parameters should be observed and maintained even when feeding the tilapia. Although pond culture has its own way of converting wastes naturally yet it is important to provide additional aeration to sustain the feed requirement and higher stocking densities. In like manner, water exchange should be maintained in order to achieve better yield.

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  • Nhigel Ochoco said on October 6, 2011
    I want to start small business & one good choices of mind was the tilapia farming on my backyard?
    - I have no idea how to build the backyard cage for culture tilapia?
    - Please help share your ideas how to coupe up the tilapia farming? thanks in advance
  • Chew Ban Long said on August 26, 2012
    would like to find out if there is any Freshwater Fish Farming Courses in Malaysia ,would be better if in states like Johor. Can consider n having interest in this trade.
  • heyram said on October 30, 2013
    i am rearing tilapia for past almost five months. But the growth is quite slow. The size of the fish now is about our palm size only. i am rearing 50 fish with enough space with proper aeration system. Pls advice me


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