Fish Farming Techniques

It was just about the 475 BC when techniques for fish farming were recognized because of a Chinese historian Fan Lai who wrote a book about it. As centuries passed, techniques of fish farming proceeded to continue and are being used all over the world in terms of raising fish as well as other aquatic species.

In general, fish that are raised in farms are used only for human consumption.

Kinds of Fish Farming

Techniques in fish farming have already evolved in order to meet the ever growing demand globally for fish. It has also evolved for the very reason that of technology with regards to the equipment used in fish farming. Together with this evolution was the recognition of the kinds of farming.

There are two main categories of fish farming. The first category is called extensive farming. With this category of fish farming, fish are normally held in cages or nets within their natural habitat like the rivers, lakes, or oceans. The second category is intensive farming. In this category, fish are usually contained in tanks or ponds where almost all of their needed nutrition is already provided in the containment material by fish farmers.

Fish Feeding

Fish farming concerning feeding these aquatic species depends on what kinds of fish are being raised. There are fish that require vegetation, while others need zooplankton. There are also those that only eat fish that are smaller. In this case, you will need to do the polyculture operation. This is the most ideal of all where there are several aquatic species which are raised within the same water. It must be observed in this operation the balance that must be present which will hinder one species and one kind of food on overtaking the budding environment.

Monitoring the Water Quality and Oxygen Levels

If you have chosen to do the intensive farming, it must be closed ecosystem. In this case, bear in mind that if a chemical imbalance or if there is a virus, it will definitely spread on the entire ecosystem immediately. This is why it will be important for you to monitor the water quality. On the other hand, there are types of fish that need various oxygen levels. In this situation, fish farmers use certain kind of method in order to replenish the depleted oxygen in water like paddle wheels, bubblers, oxygen tablets, and forced air. You must also keep in mind that weather events as well as biological conditions affect your fish farm. If you chose to contain your fish in tanks or ponds, weather changes and biological conditions can easily alter the oxygen levels in it. Thus, fish farmers must quickly react with this; otherwise all of the crop of the seasons will only be wasted in just a few hours.


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    Is it advisable to use Soya based proteins feed to feed cart fish and still get a good result?


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