High Tunnel Farming

Organic farming is boosting anywhere in the world that uses high tunnel farming. It is a wonderful tool that you can use hoop houses that seems like greenhouse structure.

This method of farming yields produce that are safe and healthy to eat.

Although greenhouse farming and high tunnel farming are both involved in organic farming yet the mode of planting is different. This is because in high tunnel farming the products are grown “in the ground” while in greenhouse the products are grown “above the ground”. Europe is one of the many countries that utilize high tunnel farming. The method is increasingly becoming popular throughout the world. Anything can be grown in this method of farming such as small fruits, vegetables as well as flowers. Organic farmers can benefit much the advantages offered by high tunnel farming for several reasons.

How it Works?

One of the reasons why it is beneficial to utilize high tunnel farming is because of its extended growing season. However, the growing season also depends on the geographical area. Yet, the planting season in high tunnel farming is extended as compared to field crops. That is why farmers can expect for additional harvest. Likewise, this method of organic farming guarantees better produce. This is because the environment is more controlled in the hoop houses as compared in the open field. In this way, outside factors that affect the growth of the plants are prevented such as pests and adverse weather condition. Thus, the damage of the crops is lesser in high tunnel farming. Because there is less damage the produce are of higher quality. According to studies, the produce of high tunnel farming has better appearance and taste as compared to other products. This is because there is no pesticide applied on the crops.

The high tunnel farming guarantees huge income to organic farmers because they can cater customers who want to buy fresh produce earlier of the season. It also provide significant yield over the season that guarantees higher profit. All you have to do is to invest in the installation of the hoop houses structure. The return of investment in this kind of farming is higher as compared to other methods of farming. Another advantage of high tunnel farming is that organic farmers can reliably grow crops in a shorter period like never before. In this case, consumers will pay higher prices for produce that they can have prior of the season.

On the other hand, despite of the advantages of high tunnel farming many organic farmers are still hesitant because of the prevailing debate between organic and inorganic farming. Irrespective of the individual pros and cons claimed by both method of farming the productivity and quality of the produce would highly depend on the technology and techniques used. Indeed, for people who want to eat fresh produce can take advantage with the high tunnel farming.


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