How is Pests Managed on Organic Farms

Organic gardening is very essential in our daily living. However, you cannot produce good yield if the garden is infested with pests and insects.

Thus, it is important to practice pests’ management in order to control the effects of the infestation.

Just like any other things in the environment, it is essential that everything should be in proper balance. This is also true with organic farming wherein there should be balance in the ecological environment. Nevertheless, employing pest management does not alter the sensitive arrangement of the environment. In organic gardening pest control is important. This is necessary to destroy the garden pests that gathers in the garden and damaged the crops. That is why many farmers and vegetable gardeners are using integrated pests management. It is done to maintain the balance between protecting the environment and the crops. Likewise, employing pests’ management in the garden also reduces your expenses in using chemical sprays. Moreover, managing garden pests offer some advantages by using natural biological control. Keep in mind that it is good to be prepared in case pests attack your garden.

Essential Information about Pest Control Mixtures

The smell of the mixture is the primary composition of the mixture that is used in controlling pests. Adding garlic, tobacco and fish can yield strong smell that is ideal as pest repellant. Likewise, heat and fumes can also kill the pests. On the other hand, some plants are also ideal to use in managing pests. This is because bugs cannot stand the natural odors of some plants as well as the volatile oils. The odor gives warning about the built in insecticide in the plants.

Pest management

In organic farming, it is not enough to rely on fungicides and pesticides in controlling insect’s infestation as well as diseases. However, it is not practical to use expensive chemicals that also have harmful chemicals to the plants and environment. You should also have the necessary materials in managing pests and insects. Ideally, employing pest management is not that easy because you need to consider some factors. While you want to spare your garden from pests you should not compromise the health of the soil. One alternative is to create environment that can attract beneficial insects. You can also choose variety of crops that can resist pest and diseases. However, in case that the pest infestation aggravated it is then the right time to use the approved substances.

Once you have applied pest control, you still need to monitor if it is effective in killing all the pest and insects. Use the mixture that deters insects from landing in the garden the next time you need to employ pest management. You can also opt to use pest control solutions that are non-toxic in organic garden such as garlic fire spray.


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