How to Farm Frost Lotus

If you want to try something new as a hobby, then you can learn how to farm frost lotus by trying to play and play online. This is one of the latest trends today especially when it comes to farming.

This article will pave the way for you to increase your knowledge when it comes to trying this hobby that can relax your senses.

Are you bored and getting tired of your everyday routing at work and at home? Then you can try something new by farming frost lotus that you can use in your favorite online game. But, you need to know more about what frost lotus are all about and how they function in the online realm. Through this, you will have the chance in empowering your know-how with regard to this kind of activity.

Frost Lotus Farming Business

The frost lotus is known as a constituent of flask raiding which is very difficult to gather from herb nodes such as frost lotus nodes which appear in Freya’s room and Wintergrasp. Because of the fact that servers nowadays are very in demand especially in online games, these frost lotus are sold for very high prices. The cause of this is no other than the increase of demand for certain flasks that new contents are bringing. But, this is just a partly effect due to supply reduction.

It is never impossible for the frost lotus supply to be low since there are lots of demands for it. But if you will know the ways on how to farm it successfully, you no longer have to have problems because of their low supply level. The most common farming way is getting saved to a certain Ulduar raid ID where the elders of Freya such as Stonebark, Ironbranch and Brightleaf had been killed. Fortunately, Freya has not been killed and she was able to respawn the herb nodes. In order for you to respawn the herb nodes, all you have to do is to conduct a soft reset. This only means that nobody should zone in a minimum of 30 minutes. Make sure that no one will interfere with what you are doing in order for you to succeed.

There are several guilds which included Ulduar in the raid rotation which is done weekly. But, during these days there are also lots of guilds which prioritize ToC. In addition, the patch 3.3 also resets the saved raid ID’s of everyone. With these, the farmers will no longer be able to extend the lockouts especially if they had already saved the best farming ID. By combining this with the demand increase, you will absolutely be facing more trouble because the frost lotus will be more scarce and costly. Not just that! Did you know that the raiding flasks will be higher too?

The best way for you to get gold is clearing the Elders to open up space in picking up the nodes.


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