Alfalfa Farming

It has always been proven that in order to be successful in farming you should put your dedication and heart to your farm. Plants are believed to have their own feelings. They need attention that would help them grow fully and healthy. Alfalfa is a kind of plant that is popular to farm these days.

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What is Alfalfa?

Alfalfa is a flowering plant and belongs to the pea family. It is known in New Zealand, South Africa, Australia and United Kingdom as Lucerne or Lucerne grass in the south part of Asia. This is a perennial legume that may live for 20 years, depending on the climate of the place where it is planted. It exhibits auto toxicity that makes it difficult for its seed to grow in existing stands of alfalfa. Experts recommend that alfalfa seeds should be rotated with other plants like corn and wheat before doing reseeding.

Climate and the Soil

The experiments done by farmers with alfalfa have been popular and the number or percentage of failure is high that many believed that this type of legume is not fit to the climate and soil of some countries. Those who succeeded in farming alfalfa have shown that it is quite suited to eastern crop-schemes. It is not the climate who is unfavorable. It is the abundant rainfalls that grow different kinds of grasses and weeds that bring competition to the farming of alfalfa. Any type of land who is well drained to grow a good corn crop in a wet summer is also suited to grow alfalfa if the seed-bed is made rightfully. It is the loose soil who makes it difficult to grow alfalfa that to the soil having enough clay. There are most studies that porous soils are the perfect type of soil to grow alfalfa. Farms that have a good tilt can grow alfalfa into their crop rotation scheme.


The alfalfa’s ability to put fertility to the farm and the production of it is abundant after all the crops are removed does not mean that having the soil fertile is made during the seeding process. The plants find their competition with grass and weeds in places where moisture favors plant life. There should be abundant availability of plant food for the young alfalfas. A perfect dressing is composed of stable manure which is free from pernicious weeds.


When alfalfa has become popular on eastern farms, difficulties in making new seedlings will be lesser. The experiences of the growers are very evident that growing alfalfa needs thorough inoculation and the bacteria will insure farming success. It is possible to have a successful seeding in wheat and oats where alfalfa would last for one to two years only. These kinds of practices are not suited for beginners. Your land should be thoroughly supplied with bacteria to ensure the healthy growing of your alfalfas.

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