Abalone Farming

There are many types of shells and other same type of creature is now known to be edible and some of them are being eaten because they give off good vitamins that would improve one’s health.

Abalone is one example of these creatures that gives good benefits and at the same time gives people something to earn for a living.

What is an Abalone?

Abalone is a kind of mollusk that is abundant in countries like china, Japan, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and in some countries in Latin America. It is known to be a delicacy in the abovementioned places. In the past years, this mollusk is often served as a luxury meal. Most of the time, it is served in big weddings, birthdays and other big events. These days, it is already served even in the most common restaurants in these countries. The reason behind this is because there are already abalone farm owners who made abalone eating more accessible to common eaters.

How to Start?

An abalone is a mollusk which is abundant in particular places. In starting your own abalone farm, you should know whether your place has enough abalone supply for you to be able to farm them. Also, you should take into consideration if there is a good demand of abalones in your area. It is very much possible for an abalone farm to prosper if there is a great demand of abalone in your area. Remember that your first customers are those within your area. You may also contract orders from outside your area but you should maintain a good demand in your area because this will be your sustaining market if you encounter a low demand of abalones from outside of your area.

You should be able to have enough knowledge about abalone farming. Remember that abalones are very delicate and that they need care to be able to grow. In any kind of farming, dedication and passion is needed. Those you are growing in your farm are relying on your carefulness and your attention. You must be hands on farm owner so that you will know the situation inside your abalone farm. Always make sure that your farmers are in good condition also. They are the one who is there to take care of your abalones so they should also be in good condition and has a healthy body.

Advertise your farm through the internet. This is the fastest way to reach the attention of potential buyers. Through this, you will not just reach the national market but also the international market. Exporting your abalones is possible if your abalones are in good condition at all times. Healthy abalones mean healthy business. Restaurants are also potential buyers. Most of the time, exotic restaurants are those who usually order abalones. You must know the market price of abalone. This will be your basis in pricing your abalones when you have already harvested your abalones and you sell them in the market.


  • mac said on May 6, 2012
    we are suppliers from Africa, looking for buyers who can buy abalones from our farm.
  • David said on December 7, 2012
    I have recently found that I have a massive interest in seafood and currently know the right people to back me up on my future plans. I am currently living in Thailand or have been here for 5 years. I was in China for a while and noticed how much the Asians love imported seafood from other countries. Right now I have a request for abalone, White mussels, Crayfish ... all the famous South African seafood. Which they don't have on this side. Can you export to Thailand ? what do you charge for a Kilo ? I need a catalog with prices. Have they been approved ? I am also a fellow South African who migrated to Asia 6 years ago. Is your farm located far from Jacob's bay ? thanks a lot. Hope to hear from you soon . David
  • Bevan Victor said on May 31, 2015
    I need possible interested investors/partners to for a new abalone farm start up in Luderitz Namibia. I have everything from license, area, buyer and spat supplier. Oceanic Aqua Farming, Walvis Bay/Luderitz, Namibia, +264 81 743 5986
  • pangqifa said on September 5, 2015
    Dear sir: Whats up recently. I'm come from China .And now, we need a large number of abalones which are bacuum preserve or freeced. Now I hope you can give me the recent picture about abalones and your company. Hope we could make new relation business for long term. Looking forward to your reply. Yours Pangqifa
  • Tarek said on June 16, 2016
    We supply natural abalone from the sea in Indonesia and we sell dry. More info please contact me on: Tariq.thareat@gmail.com
  • Carel Grobbelaar said on September 17, 2018
    Busy with starting up an abalone farm on the west coast of South Africa. Busy to get investors for this. Just want to know how big the market is out there. Any interest in this. carelgrob14@gmail.com


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