Cattle Farming

Cattle farming are one of the most common types of farming across the world. This is considered as a profitable business for its large customer base anywhere you go.

Hard work, a capital and enough knowledge about cattle care are the three basic things you need in starting your own cattle farm.

It is difficult for a person to start farming if he has no idea about running such farm. Cattle farming are different from other types of farming because you are breeding cattle who’s intended for future consumption that is why you need to take care of it and make sure it is healthy.


Since you are going to have a cattle farm, you should know what kind of breed you are going to have. This should depend on the climate of your location. Take this into consideration because if you happen to get huge number of cattle whose not being breed in your location because of the climate, you might just prejudice the start of your cattle farm. These cattle won’t last because they might die under different circumstances like the climate. You should also consider your purpose why you are going to breed a certain kind of cattle. Determine whether you are going to breed cattle for milking or for beef or meat production. Look for a breed of cattle that best suit your area and best fits your goals in your cattle farm.

Learning the basics

There is one thought you should know when you decide to start a cattle farm. You can only learn how to run a cattle farm through cattle farming and not by just reading books and doing research. Firsthand experience of a thing would definitely make you learn such thing and through time, you will learn how to run such thing the right way. You may take a job in some other cattle farm to be able to experience how it is to take care of cattle and how to run such farm. You will definitely gain knowledge and experience on cattle farming while you are working in a real cattle farm. There you will see the situation inside the farm; you will know how to feed cattle and how they are being bred by the owner of the farm. Through this job, you can test yourself whether you are really into cattle farming or not. It is not an easy thing to do, to take care of these animals. That is why there are other people who aspires to have their own cattle farm and starts learning about the thing about cattle farming, they easily back down.

Your Farm

You should have your own farm land because when you start operating your farm, you will badly need it. Make sure also that your farm land is fenced so that your cattle won’t get lost and when we say lost, it means lowering or ruining your business.


  • Ocan James said on July 3, 2012
    My business location is in Uganda, Northeast of Uganda. please advice me how to manage dual purpose cattle farm. I need to produce both milk and beef from my cows. Thanks, James.
  • hikmat said on April 21, 2013
    could you tell me :how to keep cattle? i mean what should we do to make cows productive? pls send on my mail..
  • Ricco Chua said on June 10, 2013
    Hi, I would like to know the best and popular breed in Philippino province of Ilocos Sur, district of Santiago, Baybayabas barangay. Thank you.
  • Your Name olebogeng said on April 6, 2015
    hey I just need adverse how to take care of cattle's I mean wen they produce kids, and wat they eat how should they breed


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