Factory Farming

There are different kinds of cruelty in factory farming that are already well documented.

But what could be the solution to this kind of animal cruelty? Be a vegan.

Is It Possible That We Treat Animal By Avoiding Eating Animal Products?

It is never possible because of two main things. First, there are almost billions of land animals who are killed just for human consumption in a year. There are many people who would argue about the proper treatment to animals before they are slaughtered but still they do not know the significance of that to the situation. Secondly, no matter how nice and well we treat animals, using them for meat, milk, and egg production would still be antithetical to their rights.

Can’t We Reduce Their Suffering?

There is a possibility of reducing the suffering of these animals. It can be reduce by removing or eliminating those particular practices in some areas, but remember that this will not solve the wholeness of the problem. But come to think of it, it will help little by little and in due time it can help reduce the suffering of animals in a big way. Humans cannot raise billions of animals just to make sure that animals will not get extinct because of the high demand for consumption of the people. From being a meat lover to being vegan would definitely be of great help to this problem.

Many people are hesitant to do the vegetarian diet because they think that it is not fulfilling just like eating meat and they think that being a meat eater is a better lifestyle. This is one kind of human thinking that gives way to animal cruelty. We are happy to eat the meat of the animals but we should think of the welfare of these animals that are being consumed by people. Meat, eggs and dairy products offer some only of the improvements over the traditional factory farming. When we say humane slaughter, we mean that it is an oxymoron.

Go Vegan

It is a great step in life to go vegan or go vegetarian. Eating eggs and dairy products still contributes to the suffering and deaths of animals. It does not mean that you only eat eggs and dairy products that you are already not a meat lover. You are still a meat eater only in a different kind of form. When you go vegan, you only eat pure vegetable meals and mixed with fresh fruits. In fact, studies say that when you go vegan, almost 80% of the deadly viruses and bacteria are being avoided because of the vitamins and other healthy vitamins. There lots of benefits that a person can get from being a vegetarian than choosing to be a meat lover. Eating meat also provides us with protein which is important also to our health but recent studies showed that too much meat would cause a bad effect to ones help. Eggs and dairy products is still considered as a contribution to the suffering of the animals by being slaughtered in different ways.


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