Starting a Greenhouse Business

If you want to start a greenhouse business, you will have to create a comprehensive business plan. There are many things that you have to attend to like choosing the location, the plants to grow, the suppliers, advertising, customers, and many others.

You can make a lot of money if you are able to grow the greenhouse plants healthily.

Start Your Own Greenhouse Business

There are many things that you have to attend to when starting a greenhouse business. You will need to define your market, find an ideal location, gather enough capital, acquire the needed skills, an established production system, and experience in the mechanical aspects of the business. The greenhouse industry is diverse, large, and highly competitive. To ensure success, you will have to begin with a business plan. This will summarize your objectives or goals, the marketing, management, and the financials.

You can grow greenhouse vegetables like tomatoes, sweet peppers, cucumbers, lettuce, and many others. Aside from that, you can also grow flowers, bedding plants, and potted plants. Even if you have an empty land space, it doesn’t mean that it can already be a great location for the greenhouse. When choosing a location, you will have to consider other factors like natural gas, water, soil, suppliers, and customers. When heating the greenhouse, you will need natural gas and this should be readily available in your chosen location. Quality water is another factor to your business success. Hydro-3 phase power is needed and you can just purchase the needed equipment. On-site generator will also help when power interruptions occur.

Other Factors to Consider

Examine the soil to ensure that it is well drained. This will ensure that even in winter, you can plant crops, flowers, etc. The location should be ideal for easy access to suppliers. If possible, avoid remote areas because customers and suppliers won’t be able to reach you quickly. You also need to have a phone line or a business website so that customers can contact you. This type of business needs considerable capital and per square foot, you will spend $15 to $25 but the overall cost will depend on the ventilation systems, covering materials, etc.

Heating, irrigation, electric service, water, heating/cooling requirements, and nutrient injection systems are also needed. Aside from the greenhouse, you will also need support buildings, office, and staff room. Hire the needed staffs to help you out with the greenhouse business. Your employees should have adequate knowledge in managing the greenhouse and in growing various plants. With a green thumb, you’re sure to succeed. Use the business plan to guide in the different operations of the business. Monitor your expenses and the profits. Think of new ways to grow the greenhouse plants with fewer costs. Promote your business extensively prior to the opening to ensure that customers will be flocking in your greenhouse on the grand day.


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    I am interested in establishing a green house vegetable production unit, can you please send me a typical business plan. my email address is
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    please help me to build greenhouse business in Nevada, missouri 64772
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    I want to start a farmers market business there a lot of farmer market within about 50 miles I could well with some grant to get a few small greenhouses
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    I am interested in establishing a green house vegetable, Flowers production unit @ Gujarat. can you please send me a typical business plan. my email


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