Starting Birth Control & Family Planning Information & Services Business

If you want to start a birth control and family planning info and services, you will have to conduct thorough research about this field.

You should undergo trainings and seminars to enhance your knowledge and skills. Organize for a partnership business and ensure that your partner is knowledgeable as well.

Starting Birth Control & Family Planning Information & Services Business

The population has exploded in the recent years and controlling it is very important. There are government agencies in charge of disseminating information about birth control and family planning but their efforts are not enough. You too can exert effort in educating the public about population control by starting your own business. The business will focus on birth control and family planning information. Not all couples are willing to undergo family planning, so instead of pushing them, you will need to attract potential clients by showing them the benefits.

This type of business is not easy and you need to have strong public relations skills. Communicating with the public is very important and you must get used to talking with different kinds of people. Everyday, this will be your task and promotion can be overwhelming at first. With adequate planning, you will be able to develop a business plan that will serve as your guide to accomplishing your goals and objectives. Find an ideal location for the business, one that is easily accessible by the public. You will have to create an office with a relaxing atmosphere to welcome couples and educate them about your services.

Things You Will Need

Since you will be providing a birth control and family planning info services business, you will need to have supplies of birth control items like pills, condoms, beads (for natural method), and adequate info about family planning. You will need to provide your clients with pamphlets and brochures to increase their knowledge about this great method to help control population. It would be costly and time consuming to educate couples individually so you will have to schedule the seminars in groups. Your business location should have enough space to accommodate several couples for the orientation and seminars. You can also offer private services for couples who don’t want to join the group.

In this type of business, it’s much better to organize a partnership. Pick a business partner with adequate knowledge on birth control and family planning. You also need to attend trainings and seminars about family planning to ensure that possess the required knowledge to educate other people. With the business plan, it will be very easy to manage the business. Don’t forget to apply for utilities and a phone line; you should also promote your business through flyers, banners, word of mouth, and business cards. You can offer an online service as well so that busy couples can instantly reach you online.


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