Types of Billboards

If you want to advertise your business, you need to learn about the different types of billboards. These include the traditional, mechanical, digital, and mobile. You can choose among these four types of billboards according to your needs and budget.

Determine your needs first and from there, you can shop around for the best deals.

Types of Billboards

When you own a business, you should be aware of the different types of billboards. Billboards are one of the best tools that you can use to promote the business. The most popular is the traditional billboard. The typical ones are those that you can see along roads and other public areas. These are large signs that advertise services or products. At times, these are also called bulletins. Displays can be printed or painted on vinyl banners or sheets. The smaller ones are called posters and are usually pasted on different surfaces. Oftentimes, the bulletins are part of rotary programs. The ads are usually rotated or moved at intervals. On the other hand, the posters are created in groups and distributed to different locations.

Another type is the mechanical billboard. With the mechanical system, at least three ads are rotated; hence, are also called multi-message billboards. The triangular prisms are rotated to display 3 different advertisements. Because of the motion of the mechanical billboards, the attention of potential customers is draw easily. The mechanical billboards are made of triangular panels where the vinyl strips are attached. With every motion, people can see different displays. Aside from the triangular panels, you can also find scrolling billboards. With the rolling mechanism, the billboard can show around 30 images.

Digital and Mobile

The digital billboard is another type of billboard. With this type, projection techniques are used to display rotating ads and animations. In some locations, it is possible to make use of holographic billboards. You can find many digital billboards in Japan as well as in London and the US. The theme today is interaction. Electronic billboards are designed to interact with the audience. Some billboards come with computer chips while others are made from LED. There are new digital billboards being designed to interact or synchronize with radio stations.

The mobile billboard is also getting popular these days. In this type, the traditional billboards are mounted in trucks and other vehicles like buses, cargo containers, pedi-cabs, and Segways. The mobile options are better than permanent structures since vehicles can travel from one place to another thereby reaching a wider area. When it comes to brand recognition, the mobile billboards can easily make homeowners familiar with the brand because the vehicles roam the streets everyday. These are the different types of billboards that you can use for advertising your business. To make use of the ideal billboard, you will need to identify your needs and budget. Find service providers in your area today.


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