Buying Used Gondola Shelves

Gondola shelves are a type of display shelving and are most frequently seen in groceries, convenience stores, pawn shops, beauty supplies and several other retail stores. Gondola shelves are usually very tall and range from twelve feet to twenty two feet.

This is mainly the reason why this type of display shelving is very popular. Not only does it minimize space in the area because of its height, but it also gives the customer a chance to see several products on display at the same time.

There are several instances wherein a business is no longer in need of their gondola shelving and that is basically the reason why there are so many used gondola shelves for sale. This is the perfect option for people that have opened up a new business or are just starting in the retail industry. People don’t really get to see the flaws, scratches or discoloration of used gondola shelves when they are all stacked up with products.

There are however a few factors to consider before you purchase your used gondola shelves. First of which is to consider what it is you will be displaying on them. Used shelving has gone through their own amount of wear and tear and it is not always assured that they are as stable as they were when they were manufactured. With this in mind you must always consider the sturdiness and weight capacity of your shelving. You would not want to put your products into harms way by purchasing shelves that will give out a few days into use. Inspect the hinges and screws of the shelves. Ask the seller about the previous owner of the Gondola shelves and what items he or she may have possibly displayed on them.

Measure the area in which you plan to place your gondola shelves. Make sure that the height of the shelf you are about to purchase will fit into the area you have planned for it. Dimensions such as length, width and height are extremely important.

Next, inspect the overall state of the Gondola shelves you plan on purchasing. Like mentioned earlier, flaws and other signs of usage are not always as noticeable when the shelf is stocked rather than not. That is of course depending on the amount of damage. Make sure that the alterations you plan on making as well as the tiny touch ups on the shelves are well into your pockets worth. If you spend more time on money on fixing your used gondola shelves rather than saving, then you are better off just buying something brand new!

Another important factor is to make sure that the used gondola shelf is worth the buy. Compare prices with brand new shelves of similar features. If possible ask around more places and compare prices. Then of course you may always bargain your way into a good deal.


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