Planting Tomatoes for Business

Though looks unique but planting tomatoes for business is a profitable option indeed. Starters may grow tomatoes in greenhouses in the areas nearby home. Turn it a small farm and transform your hobby into small business. Get yourself prepared and find various categories of tomatoes if you are serious about planting tomatoes for sale.

Planned approach and dedication yield best outcome and your business become a profit making venture.

planting tomatoes

There is no hard and fast rule for planting tomatoes. Best research about plant categories and maintaining them by watering and harvesting is helpful for planting tomatoes in organized manner. Tomatoes produced must go into the market on right time. It should be well consumed. Have dedicated small team of laborers for plantation and ensure that your tomatoes reach in the market without any delay. Also, ensure that proper arrangement of transportation has been done to shift them from the farm into respective markets for selling.

How to Plant?

Be particular in sowing tomato seeds. Best option is using shallow seed boxes and pricking out seedlings into the beds on stages. Once it is done pot up young tomato plants in small sized pots. Finally shift them into greenhouse beds and plant them on large size pots. Alternately you can plant them in the filed but maintain them when they are ready to produce tomatoes. You can have small greenhouse too where propagation of tomato plants from seeds is done easily. If you don’t have space constraint then an option for larger greenhouses also works. It will make plantation easy and prove worthy for business expansion.

The initiative can be done by proper potting of tomato plants and later on shifting them into the nursery or farm land where you finally plant them. Timely watering and maintenance is necessary. Take care of plants for proper growth. Make sure that tomato plants don’t get damaged by insects. Use pesticides for safeguarding them. The greenhouses where you plant tomato plants must remain unheated. Once plants grow they will produce tomatoes that you pluck on time and shift them in stores immediately prior to sending into the market.

Search Buyers for Tomatoes

The costumers of tomatoes produced by you can be of various categories. You may either sell them in vegetable stores or make arrangement for direct delivery in individual homes. Start business by keeping prospective buyers in mind and contact families in the neighborhood, same is the case with local vegetable shops. When tomatoes are supplied in shops they get consumed immediately. Alternatively you can search suppliers who pay you and take tomatoes away. But there is possibility that you will be offered cheaper rates compared to local markets. Sell tomatoes as per the wholesale rates fixed in the market.


  • Mrs.Maggi Sanjay said on March 13, 2010
    how can i start tomatoes plantation business in Bangalore, India
  • Merere Mwambene said on February 25, 2011
    Please can you provide me the Tomatoes and sweet melons suitable seeds for tropical climate. Also include therein its literature, Shipping and buying cost to Tanzania for the seeds enough to plant 2 Ha of Tomatoes and 3 Ha. of melons. Regards, Merere
  • natasha kagoro said on July 15, 2011
    hello i want to start farming tomatoes in the mvurwi area in mashonaland central area of zimbabwe. I would truly appreciate any knowledge you have. I already farm cabbages and onions. The soil there is red soil and i have convectional irrigation system. I would prefer to do them straight into the soil without using a green house. thank you
  • Mr Tha-biso Sethaiso said on July 19, 2011
    Hi i would want to start farming tomatoes at Gopane village, the North West province. I would truly appreciate any knowledge you have. I also want to farm cabbages and spinach. The soil is dark in colour and i also need convectional irrigation system. I would prefer to do them straight into the soil without using a green house. thank you
  • freddy maripane said on July 21, 2011
    Hi i want to start carrots, cabbage, spinach, tomatoes and cabbage in limpopo,I'm confuse about the costs of them in the market per ton. this will help me to see my income annually.
  • Joseph Modiakgotla said on August 5, 2011
    Hi! i would like to start a horticulture project growing cabbage, spinach, tomatoes and potatoes in kgalagadi district in Botswana.The soil is mostly sandy as it is a desert and there is a lot of saline water.Advice me accordingly on how best i could deal with the sandy soil and saline water.
  • Elias Manomano said on June 21, 2012
    Could you shed light on the most profitable tomato varieties and how best can one minimize loses in this business venture.
  • jerham soma said on June 27, 2012
    I stay at kwekwe and want to grow tomatoes on a big scale
  • Olebogeng Fidelia Mosojane said on July 24, 2012
    I would like to grow tomatoes and potatoes in Phuduhudu northwest of Botswana in the Okavango district between Maun and Nata, Gweta, Its a park, with heavy dark sandy soil. Please advice on the best tomato variety and how best i can make good business around that area.
  • kaindi simbarashe said on November 19, 2012
    hi guys ,i can tell u tomatoes can make u filthy rich
  • leilah mwikali said on December 23, 2012
    I would like to stat farming tomatoes at Nairobi Kenya at a place called mwihoko. I need advise on how yo start
  • chrispin said on January 17, 2013
    how profitable are tomatoes? If you grow them through out the year what could be the total income someone may earn.
  • boipelo said on March 21, 2013
    i would like to start farming tomatoes in Botswana Mochudi,I would like to know if you can start anytime to plant them or is there a better season to start and i need advise on the first steps on how to start farming tomatoes.
  • naung said on March 25, 2013
    I have been pass how to grow up tomoto. Anybody want to learn about tomato, how to plan, I give idea I'm from myanmar Any one need help, about tomato just send me email. /
  • Michael Miano said on May 6, 2013
    Hi Mwikali am an Agronomist. I will take u through tomato farming. Michael Miano 0721108910
  • Philbert Kato said on August 2, 2013
    Hello, am the grower of tomatoes here in Tanzania at Dodoma region ,Chemba district, Mombose village, but am looking for markets in bulky here in Tanzania .Anybody ready to buy my tomatoes pls visit
  • Sarah said on April 11, 2014
    Hello, I grow tomatoes in green house and am looking for buyers. The type of tomatoes are called NIMORITA. I am located in Uganda Katale bugema along Entebbe rd. please contact me on:0752 514 789 and email:
  • Tobias Obura said on June 13, 2014
    I am interested in growing tomatoes as a business. I need to know how to get into this business, the process from preparation to harvest, the market potential. Kisumu County, Kawino South Location. Thanks.
  • Russell Masarira beginner adviser said on August 23, 2014
    hi, to all my zimbabwean mates i can provide you with all the production guidelines,seed, fertilizer requirements and budgets on cabbages, tomato, onion, cucumber, watermelon, carrots, potato, garlic and green maize. contact me 0775215301, Facebook : Russell Masarira || Consultant

  • Bernard Muchemwa said on January 18, 2015
    I am interested in starting a bee farming. I do stay in the communal lands of Zvimba here in Zimbabwe. Please assist me with information concerning this project. I thank you in advance. CELL 263 736 252 035 or 263 777 106 530.
  • Facious Mugaradziko said on January 29, 2015
    i do greenhouse tomato, nemonetta variety in rydale ridge park, harare. as of now i have 780 plants of tomatoes and the fruits are starting ripening now. can you advise on how i could find lucrative markets. my contact numbers are +263772436502 or +263712743526. thanks
  • Wikence Agama said on April 18, 2015
    Hi am based in uasin ngishu county a place called matunda. i have started growing melons, now am looking for an agronomist to check and advice me more about melons planting in kitale.
  • asavela tupana said on June 22, 2015
    i'm interested in selling my tomatoes to a bigger market.
  • Fanuel said on January 10, 2018
    hie guys! I want to start growing tomato but am not sure of which variety can be the most rewarding. I live in the central part of Malawi where most of the soil is sandy- loam. May I also know the number of tomato shrubs that can be planted on an acre and the estimated amount of dollars one can get from an acre of tomato.


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