Mixed Crop Farming

Mixed crop farming is a method in which two or more type of crops is raised within the same area. It may also include livestock and aquaculture.

Understanding how the system works is important in order to achieve good yield.

Mixed crop farming plays important role in agro forestry as well as in the ecology. Proper management of natural resources is the main concept of this system in order to sustain and increase the production to support the economic, environmental and social benefits of all land users. Mixed crop farming is also the key to become self-sufficient. It is because this method of farming is diverse in terms of production of food, medicines, craft and building materials, medicines, fuel wood and many others. In this way, the system can ensure healthy population. Soil conservation is another objective of mixed crop farming in which the land is divided and managed. In this way, the people would have access to various types of ecosystems so that they can grow various crops.

Advantages of Mixed Crop Farming

Mixed crop farming allows growing different crops for market and home use. It also let farmers make use of the land efficiently. In mixed crop farming it is possible to grow multiple crops that can be grown in short, medium as well as long term crops. Likewise, this method of farming allows innovative products and spatial efficiency by making use of the natural soil fertility cycles. On the other hand, mixed crop farming requires more knowledge, skill and hard work in order to manage the system effectively. The good thing about mixed crop farming is that when managed efficiently it can be developed into farms as well as ranches.

In like manner, this method of farming increases the income of the farmers as they can have the chance to reach additional markets. It also helps in diversifying farm portfolio as well as increasing resilience in case of market fluctuations. Also, it decreases the expenditures in farm materials and at the same time farmers can utilize marginal lands. This method is one way of generating income even in off-season thus there is a great possibility to generate income the whole year.

Macadamia nuts and coffee are some of the commercial crops that are used in mixed crop farming. This is because the coffee trees can thrive under the moderate shade of the bigger macadamia nuts trees. By combining these crops the labor and expenses is spread evenly and protects the price fall of one crop to the other. There are many botanical plants that can be grown together in a single area. In like manner, wood and timber products can be grown along with short-term crops. Indeed, mixed crop farming can generate commercial crops and multitudes of products that can be used in the household.


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