Starting a Diesel Tank Cleaning Business

A diesel tank cleaning business provides client services in cleaning gasoline fuel tank in cars, storage tanks at home, or other businesses’ diesel storage tanks.

Diesel tanks should, from time to time, be cleaned to avoid hassles from occurring in the future.

A diesel tank cleaning business should be able to clean the diesel tank and remove contamination on the fuel and then put the fuel back into the tank.

Before starting your diesel tank cleaning business, you should first take into consideration the profit your business will possibly generate. Study the industry if you will be able to gain substantial amount of profit.

In starting a diesel tank cleaning business, several things are needed to be considered. One of which is budget, this will help you to determine if you can purchase top of the line equipments so that you can provide efficient service to your customers. In cleaning diesel tanks, intricate processes are involved, the following are the steps in cleaning diesel tanks:

  • You should drain the tank first off all its content. Remove sludge, dirt, mud, or other liquids inside the tank. If possible, turn the tank upside down to make sure that it is drained completely.
  • Fill the tank with water. Use Tri Sodium Phosphate or TSP to efficiently clean the inside of the tank.
  • Once the tank is filled-up with water or a mixture of water and Tri Sodium Phosphate, it should be agitated somehow. You can do this by either using an air hose and put it at the bottom of the tank and bubble air slowly for several hours or using a stirring stick by mounting it into a electric drill and stir it every hour.
  • After the agitation process, you can drain the tank of the water or mixture of water and Tri Sodium Phosphate.
  • The last step is making the inside of the tank dry. You can do this by using denatured alcohol to absorb the remaining water. Blow air inside the tank to make the denatured alcohol dry quickly. The tank should now be ready to store diesel again.

In any type of business, insurance is a must. That is why whenever starting a diesel tank cleaning business the owner must make sure to obtain the right insurance. You must take care not only of your equipments and machineries but also your workers, because your workers represent the name of your business whenever they service a client. Shopping around for insurance company will help you in determining which insurance company offers the best insurance policy. You can also seek advice from existing business owners to help you in choosing the right insurance company.

Prepare a marketing plan on how to gain clients. The best way in gaining client is to make clients satisfied one at a time and let them share their experience to the friends and family. Word of mouth is the best type of advertisement and it is free.


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    What is the safe and legal disposal method for the used sludge,water,TSP, etc. mixture ?
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    Kindly send me some information regarding tank prices and pump prices. Bloemfontein
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    The business is located in Mpumalanga Province , in a town called SECUNDA , South Africa.
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