Starting Ambulatory Service

Ambulatory services today are needed more than ever. With the fast pace and busy life styles that we have, combined with the population overload and with the complexities of the aging baby boomer generation, why accidents and emergencies are bound to happen by the hundreds everyday if not more.

Not anticipating it is irresponsibility on our part. If this venture energizes your juices then this business article will help you how to get started right.

Here are sure steps to get you started in your ambulatory service business.

Develop an ambulatory business plan

Open your calendar schedule and start a countdown system. Next, consult with a business consultant on what you should include in your plan stuff like what documents are needed to be filled out, laws and regulations that you should know governing these types of businesses and an estimate ambulatory servicing start up cost.

Acquire the business licenses and permits

Do some phone calls or better yet visit the Department of Health and the Department of Transportation. Make a list of the requirements you need to comply on to operate legally within the law. Next, settle the necessary fees.

Purchase vehicles and competent drivers with the crew

Your vehicle must pass state laws and regulations concerning the licensing and certification of an emergency medical vehicle. It must have emergency running lights, a dependable siren and a form of telecommunication like a 2 way radio device.

Along with your vehicle, you should also hire a certified ambulance driver. Your driver should at least have a valid driver’s license and have passed emergency vehicle operation courses. He should be competent to read maps, recognize street names and locate house numbers. Best of all, he should be a skilled navigator thru traffic.

Invest on medical equipment

Invest on basic life support equipments like oxygen apparatus, stretchers, neck braces, wheelchairs, medical supplies like bandages, IV bags, blood packs, and medicines like anti overdose drugs, drugs for airway problems and drugs to promote circulation.

Hire Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs)

Hire at least 2 EMTs to man your ambulance service. There are two types of EMTs. The first one is the basic EMT. This type of medical technician mostly does vital sign activities like checking for airway, breathing and circulation also known as the ABCs of life. The second type is also known as an EMT paramedic. This EMT type has more advanced medical skills like IV insertion and the giving medications. Know the difference between the two and hire at least 1 paramedic into your team.

Marketing your ambulatory business

Here are a few ways you can get clients. First, try contacting head nurses or supervisors from nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and assisted living facilities. Most transportation servicing from these types of clients are considered non like threatening and generally less toxic than emergency cases. Having a couple of driving services for a number of these ambulatory clients is not a bad way of doing business. Another way to get clients is by contacting stadiums, concerts, ball games and events where people gather and coordinators of such events hire ambulatory services as a precautionary measure.


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