Starting Archaeological Services

When talking about archaeological services, we often think of scientist wearing old clothes and hat preparing to dust of dirt under the extreme heat sun with a paintbrush on their hand. This maybe true but these are not the only things that they do. And in fact they contribute so much in our education that we can call them historic gurus.

This business guideline will help you with simple steps on how to start your own archaeological service.

Here are a few steps how to start your archaeological services

  • Determine a specific area of archaeology that interests you
    Starting your own archaeological services can become a handful if you don’t specialize in a specific area of interest. There is simply too much to cover. There are several areas to choose from like old or lost culture, collecting and dating artifacts and areas of the world. Find a specific subject and study that line of interest. Become an expert on that specific subject. Subscribe to journals and magazines. Keep yourself fresh, current and on top of things. Take courses that will enable you to be more effective if you have to.
  • Applying for an archaeological business license and permit
    Visit your city clerk’s office and get information on how you can start your own archaeological services. Fill out the paper works required. Settle the fees. Afterwards, keep and file away the legal document.
  • Financing your business
    There are ways to finance your business for it to start immediately. First you can opt to self finance it. If that’s not possible, second try getting a loan from a bank. You may want to mortgage a property for collateral to convince the bank to fund you. If these don’t work then you’ll need to find an investor. Try visiting your local Chamber of Commerce and other civic events where you can find people who might be interested to fund your service since it’s an archaeological venture.
  • Finding a location as an office
    Contact a real estate agent. Ask for a list of possible locations for where an archaeological business should locate. Look for possible office spaces and the corresponding costs. This is if you have the budget to spend for an office space. However if you feel it to be too costly to starting renting right away, try contacting institutions or universities. Maybe you can work out a deal with them in return for a public educational exhibit or trainings. This way you can affiliate your work with the university or institution. If that fails then convert part of your house into an office space temporarily.
  • Put together a dedicated team
    Hire professional people with diverse talents and experiences in archaeological research. Build a team that could do archaeological assessments and consulting services. Make sure they are efficient researches and are competent at what they do.
  • Advertise your archaeological services
    One of the best ways to advertise your business is to do public educational campaigns and exhibits regarding your work. Educating the public regarding how to conserve cultural heritage is of the elements that must be included in your programs. Educate them also regarding ancient artifacts and the history behind it.


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