Selling Service over the Phone

Selling service using the phone has been used by most of businessmen for more than a decade now.

Before, call center became popular in different part of the world there was already service selling over the phone and since then it has evolve into a very useful method when it comes to marketing various stuffs as well as service.

Selling Service Using a Phone

Selling an item or promoting a business can be done in different ways, which you can try in order to gain more clients. The more unique your selling is, the more it is effective. This is the strategy that you should apply in your business. Marketing products using a phone is already an old-fashion way when comes to selling products or services. The edge of this process over the other methods is that you are directly communicating to a client to encourage them to try your products.

The process of selling through phone is actually very easy but the challenging part is looking for a potential client and overcoming the rejection. For you not to lose hope always have a positive attitude when selling products. Your prospect clients will either be from your company or from others database. Before connecting to a client, make sure that you are ready for it.

Guide in Selling over the Phone

If you are starting to call prospected clients, you must remember that you are talking to someone who doesn’t have any idea of who you are. With the following guidelines, selling service will surely be effective.

  • Check on the details of your product as well as your target client

    Before making your first move of calling a client, you must know first everything about the products that you are selling. However, understanding your target client and knowing its information is much important since it will help you to be comfortable talking to them. You can check out first their website or page in gathering information.

  • Introduce yourself decently when calling your target

    Since you are calling someone you barely know make sure to politely introduce yourself and ask for their permission for their time. It usually takes 20 minutes to complete the whole conversation that’s why to make it interesting immediately discuss your purpose.

  • A friendly and calm voice is necessary

    For your target to continue listening to you, make your voice friendly at all times. You can practice this by talking first to your friends or family and ask for their opinion. Also, stay calm during the whole conversation even though you are being treated unkindly.

  • Avoid following script and converse clearly

    Using a script will only ruin your strategy. Yes it will be helpful to have a script but it is still much better if you will talk to your target using your own words.

  • Be prepared to rejections

    Most of the times you will get “no” for an answer but you must not give up instead work hard for it and perhaps in the future it will agree to purchase your products.


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