Scouting for Talents and Capable Employees

For small-scale and start-up companies, hiring workers with skills and talents applicable for a job may not be easy especially when major corporations and business giants are offering higher salary and other benefits.

However, small players can adapt strategies that will help them find talents and capable employees who can contribute in the business expansion.

With a capitalist society that promotes open-competition among businesses, entrepreneurs and employers should be able to scout for employees that have the education, talents, technical skills, professionalism, and experience applicable for a certain position.

Since major corporations are willing to spend huge sums of money to hire talents and capable employees, small industry players have to do other strategies or at least offer some form of enticement to find someone who can help their companies to grow and compete with the other business giants.

Here are the basic strategies in scouting for talents:

Job fair

Job fair is the fastest way to scout for employees. Usually, this is sponsored by local governments or private entities to allow several companies to interview as many applicants as possible, thus allowing them to choose those who are applicable for a certain position.

Referrals from other companies

When companies refer workers to other businesses, these employees are usually laid-off (not from misconduct but perhaps their employers need to adapt cost-cutting measures especially during recession).

If a company refers a worker, he is most likely to be a “great catch” since it implicitly shows that his employer is confident enough to refer him to other businesses.

Contact training organizations

There are state and local organizations that provide different training programs to workers (usually blue-collared) to help them adapt to the ever-changing needs of employers and teach them other skills that will make their professional portfolio more appealing to companies.

Contacting such entities may allow entrepreneurs to hire workers who have skills and talents that will meet the needs of a certain company.

Use the Internet

Because most employees (especially those who are professionals) are web-centric consumers, the best communication medium employers can exploit is the Internet.

Employers can post ads when looking for a certain type of worker; and since many people will mostly likely reply on the posting, companies will have more applicants to choose from.

However, employers should make sure that the post includes all the job-related requirements for a certain position to avoid confusion to some applicants. By clearly stating their specific needs, companies can also easily target employees that they need.

Successful businessmen know that there are always a shortage of corporate talents, so hiring them is not the only thing companies should do; capable employees should also be offered with higher pays or at least benefits to prevent them from seeking other employers.


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